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How to Fix Text Disappearing While Scrolling Document on Google Docs



Google Docs is a versatile and popular online word processor offering several benefits over more traditional software like Microsoft Word. But the sad news is that several users have reported the issue of text disappearing while scrolling document on Google Docs.

Why Text Disappears Temporarily When Scrolling Google Docs Document

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Google Docs has one bug where it starts to have issues loading text when scrolling if you already have over 30,000 words in the document. Those who experienced the issue stated that the text appears once again once you scroll back up the document. Once you write more and more text, however, it disappears until the screen becomes a blank space. 

According to the user who reported the issue, they have already tried everything as suggested by the Google Docs team. These include removing the plug-ins, clearing caches, resetting the settings of Google Chrome to default, switching browsers, switching devices, checking the internet connection, turning the accelerated hardware on and off, and even reformatting their computer. However, none of these worked. 

The user also added that the problem was rather distracting and it made it very hard for them to get any work done because they had to continue to fiddle with the scrolling wheel to see what they are typing.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix the Issue when Texts or Words Disappear on Google Docs

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Send Feedback to Google Chrome

 Unfortunately, the only potential solution to fix the issue of text disappearing while scrolling document on Google Docs is to send feedback to Google Chrome. The logs can help the engineers to identify pain points and issues related to the service.

Follow the steps below to send your feedback to Google Chrome:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer. 
  2. Click More at the upper right corner. 
  3. Select Help and then click Report an Issue. 
  4. Indicate the details of the problem, including the steps to help the team recreate the issue you are experiencing. 
  5. You can decide if you wish to add more details in your report such as a screenshot, your email address, or a web address. 
  6. Click Send to submit your report. 
  7. You can also file a crbug report. 

The Bottom Line 

Google Docs is a handy tool and many users appreciate how it makes things more convenient for them. Almost all the usual document features are available here, and other advanced settings allow a more seamless experience.



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