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How to Set and Open JNLP Java File Extension in Windows 10



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Now and then, we may come across files with unique extensions. There are a lot of file extensions that are new and unfamiliar even if we have been exchanging files online for many years. Sometimes, we doubt if the files are reliable with the extensions that we are not accustomed to. However, there are also file extensions such as .jnlp files, which are uncommon but legitimate.

File extensions are associated with the application where they can be opened. Let us first know what JNLP files are.

What is a JNLP File?

Java Network Launch Protocol or JNLP is a file format used to launch applications on a remote desktop client or a web server. Users can use JNLP files to launch Java executable and are in XML file format. For instance, you need to use JNLP files to run software like Java Web Start or the Java Plug-in.

The file format contains the remote address where it can download a Java program and the initial class to start running the application. You can edit it using a text editor, as long as it supports XML format.

Now, if you come across a JNLP file, there are several ways on how you can open it on your Windows 10.

How to Open JNLP Files in Windows 10

View JNLP Files using a Text Editor

Credit: Notepad++

As mentioned above, you can view and edit the JNLP Files using a text editor that supports XML Files. Keep in mind that if you only want to open the file and obtain information, you can use the text editor. You cannot open the file to launch an application using the text editor. If you have to launch an application, use the next method.

  1. Navigate to your .jnlp file.
  2. Right-click on the file name.
  3. Select Notepad++, Notepad, or any text editor installed on your computer.
  4. A new window will open containing the information in your JNLP file. You can edit the information or copy and paste a detail.

Open and Run JNLP Files using Java Web Start


If you want to open the .jnlp file to launch an application, you will need to use the Java Web Start.

  1. Go to your JNLP file.
  2. Right-click on the file name.
  3. Select Open With.
  4. Click the Look for another app on this PC option.
  5. On the address bar, type the following and click Enter: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_261\bin
  6. Click Open, and it will launch the JNLP file.

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