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How to Fix Walmart Pay Declined for Security Reasons Error



Have you ever stood at the checkout line, phone in hand, eager to breeze through the queue with Walmart Pay only to have your purchase declined? That dreaded “Declined for Security Reasons” error strikes fear into the hearts of Walmart shoppers everywhere. But don’t abandon your cart just yet!

This handy guide will walk you through the top reasons your Walmart Pay transactions get rejected and show you exactly how to fix them. No more checkout headaches. Just smooth, seamless purchases every time.

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Resolving Walmart Pay Declined for Security Reasons Issue

Ready to get back to fast, frictionless Walmart checkouts? Let’s dig in…

Wrong Card Details in the Walmart Pay App

Walmart Pay pulls your payment info from the app directly. If that data is outdated or incomplete, it can’t authorize the purchase. Double check that your card number, expiry date, CVV code, and billing details in the app match your physical card perfectly.

  • Delete the card and re-add it carefully. Slow down and manually enter each digit. Don’t let auto-fill sneak in typos!
  • When inputting your name, use the exact full name printed on the card itself. No nicknames allowed!

Pro Tip: Screenshot or photocopy your card so you have an easy reference for re-entering details accurately in the Walmart Pay app.

Card Removed From Your Walmart Account

The app can randomly drop saved cards sometimes. When your go-to payment method gets delinked without warning, purchases get declined immediately.

Re-add the card in the app to reconnect it to your Walmart account. Make sure auto-save is turned on so it doesn’t disappear again!

Pro Tip: Register multiple cards as backups in case your primary method fails. Redundancy prevents hassles at checkout.

Unauthorized Charges on Walmart Pay Account Triggering Security Block

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If Walmart detects suspicious activity that looks fraudulent, it will stop all purchases for your protection. Unauthorized charges are a clue your account was compromised.

Call Walmart customer support to verify no one is illicitly accessing your account. They can lift security blocks once your identity is confirmed.

Pro Tip: Enable purchase notifications so you can spot unauthorized Walmart charges right away before they trigger mass declines.

Walmart Pay Primary Card Has Security Issues

Your primary Walmart Pay card may have its own separate fraud alert or security hold placed by the issuing bank, blocking digital wallet payments across all merchants.

  • Try paying with a different card registered in the app instead. If it works, the issue is isolated to your primary card.
  • Contact your card provider to resolve any suspected fraud or remove restrictions on mobile wallet transactions.

Pro Tip: Register cards from different banks to give yourself backup payment options in case one card is blocked.

Entering Wrong Walmart Pay PIN at Checkout

Every time you open the app, you need to input your unique Walmart Pay PIN to authenticate purchases. A simple typo can trigger an instant decline.

Triple check your digits at checkout. It’s easy to tap a 4 instead of a 5 when rushing through the line distracted. Slow down and verify your PIN carefully before submitting payment.

Pro Tip: You can reset your PIN in the Walmart Pay menu if you keep accidentally entering the wrong number at checkout.

Walmart MoneyCard Locked or Restricted

If you have a Walmart MoneyCard linked to use with Walmart Pay, any locks or restrictions placed on your prepaid card account will also block mobile payments.

Log into your MoneyCard account and remove any holds or unlock the card itself via the website or mobile app. Normal Walmart Pay transactions should work again once resolved.

Pro Tip: Call Walmart MoneyCard customer service for help unlocking your card if you get stuck. Their agents can walk you through quickly.

How to Avoid Walmart Pay Declines

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Now that you know what causes those irritating “Declined for Security Reasons” messages at checkout, you can start troubleshooting and minimizing rejections with these best practices:

  • Input card details slowly and carefully when setting up Walmart Pay. Manual entry prevents errors.
  • Register multiple payment methods as backups in case issues arise.
  • Save your card photos to easily reference all required details.
  • Resolve any unauthorized charges or account security concerns immediately.
  • Double check your PIN at checkout every single time.
  • Contact card issuers and Walmart support promptly for help.
  • Monitor your notifications so you spot problems before they ruin your checkout experience.



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