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Fix Clubhouse ‘Our systems have detected high usage of this feature from your account’ Error



It was back in March 2020 when Clubhouse was officially unveiled to the world. Some people raised their eyebrows at it at first because of the invite-only exclusivity of the app, similar to memberships in clubs in the real world.

During those days, Clubhouse was nothing but a small community with only venture capitalists as its members. Today, however, the social app got rid of its invite-only feature and everyone can get access to the community using their Android and iOS devices.

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However, some users have expressed their frustration with the Clubhouse app error ‘Our systems have detected high usage of this feature from your account. Please try again.’ If you’re having the same concern, here are some steps you can take to address the issue.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Clubhouse App ‘Our systems have detected high usage of this feature from your account’ Error Message

Check the Status of Clubhouse Servers

Error messages on Clubhouse are often due to problems with the platform’s servers. Random errors are almost expected since the app is still relatively young. You can visit their official social media to see if there are updates regarding the error message you’re getting. 

Don’t worry because the Clubhouse team actively gives updates if something is wrong with the servers. You can check back on the page now and then so you’ll instantly know once the servers are in full swing again. 

Clear Clubhouse Data and Cache

Most of the time, you can go to the settings menu of your device to clear the data or cache of an app. Doing so will eliminate temporary files that can free up the necessary space. it also refreshes the app to help fix glitches and issues

Log Back into Your Clubhouse Account

It’s pretty much normal for apps to experience some glitches and bugs from time to time. But this might end up corrupting your user data, resulting in more serious issues such as error messages. To resolve this, you can also sign out of your Clubhouse account first so you can reload your data. 

Once you’ve logged out, wait for 2 to 3 minutes before you log back into your account to give your user data enough time to reset. Continue using your Clubhouse app as you do and check if the error message is gone. 

Reboot Your Device 

If the error still shows up even after clearing your data and cache, another solution is to reboot your device. A restart will give your device a fresh start that will half all of the unwanted apps running in the background that could affect the performance of other apps. This reboot will also reconnect your device to its internet source. 

Disable VPN 

VPNs are meant to keep your network secure and ensure the privacy of your identity online. However, not all VPNs are efficient in their job, resulting in delays and interruptions on your network. Once this happens, your device will have a hard time communicating with the servers of Clubhouse, possibly triggering the error message.

If you must use a VPN service for whatever reason, you can always try out some of the best in the industry. These service providers are proven to be secure and do not interfere with how apps and other services work. Find the list below:

If you love that Clubhouse is no longer as exclusive as it once was, following the solutions above will ensure that you can continue using the platform without being bothered by the error ‘Our Systems Have Detected High Usage of this feature from your account.’



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