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How to Fix “Sorry, we couldn’t load posts for this page” Reddit Error



Reddit has become a one-stop platform for unanswered questions and needed answers for just about anything. You can explore subreddits where the main focus is what concerns you the most. User answers are there and what makes Reddit more effective is the experiences shared by different types of users themselves.

However, what if you cannot open the Reddit website or mobile app? What if you only find a blank page or an empty platform with an error message, “Something went wrong. Just don’t panic.” and then at the bottom of the screen, “Sorry, we couldn’t load posts for this page” is displayed.

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

We know your frustrations, and it is annoying to see being blocked when all you want are answers and interact with fellow Redditors on the social media platform! Many users complained about the error message or the issue when they go to Reddit. Recently, Reddit suffered a series of massive outages, and you can find loads of people who share the same sentiments as yours on Twitter

What people see when they click on a Reddit link is a blank page. Even when you click a link you saved for later or clocked through Google search results, you will not be redirected to the page itself, but on a blank one. If you go and enter Reddit.com on your web browser, you end up seeing an empty Reddit homepage with no text except the error message, “Sorry, we couldn’t load posts for this page.”

You will also be automatically logged out of your account even when you are logged in previously. If you try to log back in, you will see a “Welcome Back” message, but Reddit loops to the same page and gives you the error message again. What’s worst, you cannot even access guides and troubleshooting tips from Reddit posts when you need them the most! All these Reddit posts are blank.

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

So, what can you do to fix the issue if Reddit is not working, not loading or won’t show you the posts? How can you fix the connection or server problem? Well, read on to learn what option you got.

How to Fix Reddit Server Outage Error: Sorry, we couldn’t load posts for this page

There may be different reasons why you encounter the Reddit error. It can be a massive service outage on the part of Reddit. It can be a location-based issue where the problem is isolated in your region or country alone. The culprit may also be your own Internet network connection.

We may not know the real cause of the Reddit error, but we can try to do something to help mitigate the problem and troubleshoot the issue. Try to do each of the troubleshooting methods below and check if it can fix your Reddit server connection error

Method #1 – Power Cycle your Devices

Since we are dealing with a possible local network connection problem, you must try to perform a power cycle method on all your devices before moving on.

  • Turn off your device.
  • Unplug your router and modem and wait for at least 3 minutes.
  • Plug them back in and connect to the Internet.
  • Turn on your device and relaunch your browser.
  • Check if you can access Reddit.

Method #2 – Use a VPN Service

If it is a location-based outage, other regions or countries may be doing fine. You can still access the Reddit website or app by using a VPN service. Turn your VPN on and connect to another server. You can try connecting to a different region or country until you see Reddit getting connected successfully.

If you need to use a premium VPN service, try signing up for an account on any of these providers. You will get a minimum of a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide to back out later.

Method #3 – Clear Reddit App or Browser Cache

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

Whether you are using a browser or the Reddit app, it may be due to too much cache and data stored on your device. Pretty much all browsers are affected by this issue including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Brave, and Opera.

  • To clear the Reddit App cache on your Android device, go to the Settings menu.
    • Select Apps and look for Reddit.
    • Tap Storage.
    • Now, Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • For iOS devices, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the Reddit app.
  • To delete your browser cache, navigate to the History or More options section of your browser.
    • Go to Clear browsing data.
    • Set the Time Range to All Time.
    • Check the boxes next to the cache and browsing data.
    • Click Clear Data.

Method #4 – Check Reddit Server Status

Is the Reddit server down? If it is indeed a massive outage on Reddit servers, there is nothing we can all do except wait for them to fix it. No matter what you do, if it boils down to Reddit, they will have to repair the problem themselves. Try to check https://downdetector.com/status/reddit/ on your browser. If the Reddit server is down, you may have to wait for a few minutes or hours. You can check once in a while until the server status is back online again. 

Did any of the methods above fixed the Reddit error? What else did you do? You can share your solutions with us below to help other users who experience the same problem.



  1. I’d like to know why it’s like this though. How come when you delete your account, you can’t get back to reddit unti you clear all the cookies etc. It doesn’t make sense.


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