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How to Fix YouTube Comment Failed to Post Error



Watching videos on YouTube will give you a chance to post your comments. But, there are instances when you encounter an error after sending it. For example, some users reported that they see the “Comment Failed to Post” error message after they hit Send on their comments.

In some cases, your browser may have extensions with adblocking features that may be causing the unknown error and your comments being blocked. Your VPN server may also be the culprit of the problem. There may be other factors like server issues or browser issues that affects how YouTube works.

Fixing Comment Failed to Post Issue on YouTube

Fortunately, there are several solutions to help you fix this common YouTube error. You can try following these troubleshooting methods one at a time and check if you can post your comments successfully or not.

Solution #1 – Let the Video Play for a Few Seconds

It helps to load the video and keep it playing for at least 30 seconds before posting a comment. YouTube is sometimes blocking comments posted at the beginning to sort out spam and Autobots.

Solution #2 – Re-sign in to your YouTube Account

  • Launch the YouTube app or the website on your browser.
  • Go to your profile account.
  • Click Sign Out.
  • Now, close YouTube and relaunch it.
  • Try signing back in and check if the error is still there.

Solution #3 – Use Another Device

Try posting on your YouTube app if you cannot comment on your browser. It may help to switch from one device to another as well.

Solution #4 – Disable VPN Service

Are you using your VPN client on your computer? If yes, you may want to turn it off temporarily since it may be blocking your comments on YouTube.

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Network & Internet.
  • Click VPN.
  • Now, select your VPN client and disconnect or disable it.

Solution #5 – Turn Off Browser Adblocking Extensions

Credit: Windows Dispatch
  • On your Chrome browser, click the three-diagonal icon.
  • Go to More Tools.
  • Choose Extensions.
  • Now, select the adblocking extension.
  • Disable the extension.
  • Open YouTube and see if it works.
  • You may also want to try disabling one extension at a time to see which is causing the error.

Solution #6 – Clear the Cookies and Cache on your Browser

Image / Windows Dispatch
  • On your browser, navigate to the History settings.
  • Click Clear Browsing Data.
  • Set the time range and check the cookies, browser data, and cache.
  • Now, click the Clear Data button.

How many times have your seen your comment disappearing and not posted on YouTube? We want to hear your experience, so tell us in the comments below.