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How to Translate Conversations in Real Time With Google Assistant



Getting information these days is faster and easier thanks to Google Assistant. Now, Google launches a new feature that will definitely add more convenience to its users – the new Interpreter Mode in Google Assistant. Google can help you translate specific languages as you talk to another person with a different language.

Google Assistant

What is the Interpreter Mode?

As the name implies, Google Assistant will become your interpreter in a conversation. You can maintain a realtime conversation with someone speaking a different language through Google’s automatic translation. Google Assistant has 44 languages and it can translate all these languages in an instant.

The new Interpreter mode is compatible with any Google Assistant devices. It can work on an Android or an iOS device. You can also access it in all Smart Displays, Google Home speakers, and Smart clocks.

Getting Started with Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode

To use your Google Assistant Interpreter Mode, first, launch Google Assistant on your device. Google Assistant will then identify the language you are using and will ask you waht language to interpret. Specify the language that you want to use.

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode

Once in a conversation, tap the microphone icon and start saying phrases in your language. Your Google Assistant will interpret it to the other language. You can hand it over to the other person and Google Assistant will display and speak the translation. The person you are talking to will speak on your device so Google can translate it for you. Do this back and forth to create a seamless conversation despite two languages spoken.

2 More Ways to Translate Conversations in Real Time with Google Assistant

Another way is to manually translate the languages. First, go to the bottom of the screen and tap Manual. Set the two languages that you want to interpret. When you speak, tap the microphone icon of your language. When it is the other person’s turn to speak, he or she can tap the microphone icon for the other language.

How to Translate Conversations in Real Time With Google Assistant

The third option is to use your keyboard in interpreting the languages. First, you will need to install the keyboard for other languages.

How to Install Keyboard Languages

  • For Android: Go to Settings and click on the Keyboards or Languages option. Select the Language you want to add.
  • For iPhone: Go to Settings and click General. Choose Keyboard and then click on Keyboards. Click Add New Keyboard and select the language.

Once installed, click Keyboard and then click the blue keyboard icon. Select the language you want to use and start typing. You can choose the speaker to hear your interpretation or the copy icon to paste the translation. To set the language for the other person, click the green keyboard icon and choose the language. He or she can the type the message.

Start Your Conversations Now

With the help of Google Assistant, you can easily talk to anyone using any language. It makes traveling around the world easier, and more enjoyable. What do you think of the Google Assistant new Interpreter Mode?



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