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How to Fix Samsung SmartTag Error Code 00-002, 04-201 or 08-001



Samsung SmartTags help you keep track of your valuables through your Galaxy smartphone. However, error codes like 00-002, 04-201, and 08-001 can sometimes appear. These codes indicate specific issues that need troubleshooting.

So, you’ve got a Samsung SmartTag, and you’re seeing some error codes. Don’t sweat it; these Samsung SmartTag error codes are just the device’s way of saying, “Hey, something’s off here.”

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What Causes Samsung SmartTag Error Code 00-002, 04-201 or 08-001

Here’s what the error codes are trying to tell you:

  • Server Glitches: The SmartTag server might be experiencing temporary issues, leading to error codes.
  • Device Discovery Failures: The SmartTag isn’t recognized quickly enough during the setup process, triggering an error code.
  • Connection Issues: Poor communication between the SmartTag and your mobile device can result in error codes.
  • User Inactivity: If you miss a prompt to interact with your SmartTag during setup, an error code will appear.
  • Defective Device: Persistent errors could indicate that the SmartTag itself is defective.
  • Unregistered Info: The device’s initial data may not be properly registered on the server, causing an error code.
  • Mobile Network: An unstable mobile network can interfere with the SmartTag’s connection to the server, leading to error codes.
  • Dashboard Conflicts: Existing old device cards in your dashboard can conflict with new SmartTag setups, causing errors.
  • Outdated Firmware: Running Samsung SmartTag outdated firmware or mobile app versions can trigger error codes.

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Diagnose the Samsung SmartTag Error Code 00-002, 04-201 or 08-001

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To diagnose the issue, you’ll first see the error code displayed on your mobile device when setting up or using your SmartTag. The code will be specific and will help you identify what’s going wrong.

For error code 00-002, this usually indicates a server or network issue. If you see 04-201, it’s often related to device discovery or connection failures.

Error code 08-001 is a bit more general and could relate to various issues, such as a low battery or a need for a firmware update.

The key to diagnosis is noting down the specific error code you encounter. This will be your first clue in identifying the underlying issue.

Troubleshoot Samsung SmartTag Error Code 00-002

The 00-002 error often points to network issues. A stable internet connection is crucial for the SmartTag to communicate with the server. So, check your Wi-Fi or data connection to ensure it’s reliable.

Another common fix is restarting the SmartThings app. Sometimes, the app itself can be the culprit. A quick restart can often resolve minor glitches, getting your SmartTag back on track.

Resolving Samsung SmartTag Error Code 04-201

The 04-201 error usually indicates that your SmartTag and mobile device aren’t on speaking terms. A weak connection between the two is often the culprit. Try moving closer to your mobile device to strengthen the connection.

If you’ve cozied up to your phone and the error still persists, it might be time for a reset. Resetting the SmartTag can often clear out any lingering issues and restore the device to its normal tracking self.

Tackling Samsung SmartTag Error Code 08-001

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The 08-001 error can be a bit of a wild card. One common reason for this error is a low battery. Your SmartTag needs enough juice to function properly, so checking the battery status should be your first move.

If your battery is full and you still see the error, checking for firmware updates is a good idea. Outdated firmware can cause a range of issues, including this error. Make sure your SmartTag is running the latest version to keep it in tip-top shape.

Samsung SmartTags are a handy way to keep track of your important items, but they can sometimes throw you a curveball with error codes like 00-002, 04-201, and 08-001.

Fortunately, these codes are often just signposts on the road to a solution. If you’ve gone through all the suggested fixes and still find yourself at a dead end, contacting customer support is a solid next step.

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