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How to Fix Netflix Error U7361-1254-8004B82E on Windows 10



Netflix offers a huge collection of movies and shows in their library. You can stream some of the classic movies you have loved and check out new shows you have always wanted to watch. There are original contents that you can only access on Netflix as well.

Streaming on Netflix is also available on your computer using the dedicated app or through your browser. However, some users reported that they are receiving an error when they stream Netflix on Windows 10 PC. The error code is U7361-1254-8004B82E. While Netflix is a reliable streaming service, it is unavoidable to encounter errors.

What is Netflix Error U7361-1254-8004B82E

The Netflix error U7361 or U7361-1254-8004B82E comes with the error message,

“Whoops, something went wrong … We’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again or select a different title.”

If you see the error on your computer, it means that there are problems concerning the settings of your device or with the stored information in your computer.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code U7361-1254-8004B82E on Windows 10 PC

You can fix the Netflix error on your PC by following the steps below.

Method #1 – Restart Your Device

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The first thing you can do is to restart your computer. A quick restart can help refresh your connection while at the same time deleting temporary files that may be causing the problem.

  1. Close your browser and shut down your computer.
  2. Wait for a few seconds before turning it on.
  3. Now, relaunch your browser and try loading Netflix.

Method #2 – Remove the mspr.hds Windows 10 File

  1. Go to your Windows desktop.
  2. Launch the File Explorer from the Start button. You may also press both the Windows key and the letter E to launch the File Explorer.
  3. Look for the Default Drive. It is usually the C:. Double click on the drive.
  4. On the search box, type mspr.hds and hit Enter.
  5. Among the search result, look for all the mspr.hds files and delete them.
  6. Once done, try relaunching Netflix.

Did the article help you fix the error on your Netflix app for Windows 10? If you find a different solution, do let us know in the comments below.


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