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How to Update Firmware or Software Version on PocketBook e-Readers



Access to new books is easy, thanks to e-readers. Now, you can simply download the books you want to read right into your e-reader device without leaving the comforts of your home. 

PocketBook e-Reader is one of the popular brands that you can find when you want to read on a reading device. It enables you to download and store e-books in various formats. You can customize your settings and the font size, colors, and background depending on your preferences.

PocketBook e-readers also come with a Text-to-Speech function and audiobook formats for more reading and listening options. 

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To maximize the performance and capacity of your e-book device, you can install the latest firmware updates of your PocketBook e-reader. Upgrading the device software version of your PocketBook e-reader will add more e-book formats for you to enjoy. It will also integrate new features that will make your reading more convenient. 

PocketBook updates also include improvements on existing tools and functions of the device. It is more optimized for faster processing and book retrieval. You can enjoy better synchronization and ease of use.  

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Install Latest PocketBook e-Reader Firmware or Device Software Update

There are two ways for you to install the available updates on your e-Reader device. You can set the automatic firmware update in just a few steps. But, you also have the option to install the update manually. 

Steps to Install Firmware Updates on PocketBook e-Reader Automatically

Before downloading the firmware updates on your PocketBook e-Reader automatically, you need to connect to the Internet. Make sure you have a stable network signal throughout the update process. 

  • On your PocketBook e-Reader, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Select Network.
  • Go to your WiFi and set it to On.
  • Enter your password. 
  • Now, go back to the main Settings menu. 
  • Select Software. In some PocketBook models, you need first to go to Information about the device. 
  • Go to Software Update.
  • Wait for the process to finish. Do not turn off your PocketBook e-Reader. 

Steps to Install Firmware Updates on PocketBook e-Reader Manually

To manually update the device software of your PocketBook e-Reader, you will need to have a Micro SD or Micro SDHC memory card to save the file. 

  • First, go to https://www.pocketbook-int.com/ and select your country.
  • On the upper right corner, click the Support button.
  • Click the Choose your device button and select your PocketBook e-Reader device type.
  • Click the latest firmware version and download it.
  • Now, go to the file location and copy the filename SWUPDATE.BIN to your Micro SD. 
  • Make sure to connect your PocketBook e-Reader to a power supply.
  • Insert the Micro SD into your e-Reader device. 
  • Turn off your PocketBook e-Reader. 
  • Look for the OK and the Upper Page button and press both buttons together at the same time until the message “Firmware update” appears and disappears. 
  • Press the OK button when prompted. 
  • Wait for the process to finish. Your PocketBook e-Reader will reset along the process. 

That’s it! You have two options on how to update the device software of your PocketBook e-Reader. You can also contact PocketBook Support for further assistance. What type of PocketBook e-Reader are you using? We are curious to know. You can share your story with us below. 

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