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How to Update your Google Pixel Buds Firmware



Google has its own version of the wireless earbuds called Pixel Buds and it is making a trend to many users since it launched its second-generation buds last April. Recently, the giant tech company has rolled out another firmware update for its Pixel Buds, upgrading the wireless earbuds from version 225 to 295.

If you want to get the latest firmware update, you will have to enable the automatic updates feature of your Pixel Bud to install the firmware. This will download the updates immediately when available while you continue using your Pixel Buds.

Once you place your earbuds in their case, the new firmware will be installed. You will then receive a message that the update has been installed successfully.

But, if you have not enabled the Automatic update feature on your earbuds, a message notification will appear on the device indicating that the update is available. You will need to enable the automatic update to install the firmware.

Automatic updates are available to Pixel Buds paired with Android 10+ smartphone or a compatible Android phone. You will also need a good Internet connection to download the update.

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How to Enable Automatic Firmware Update on Your Google Pixel Buds

  • First, go to the Pixel Buds app.
  • Select More Settings.
  • Go to Firmware update.
  • Look for Automatic updates.
  • Toggle the button to On to enable the function. Toggle it back to Off to disable.

Updating your Google Pixel Buds will give your earbuds better performance and enhanced features. You also enjoy the latest version of your Pixel Buds. To check the firmware version, just go to the Headphone Settings and check the version. Make sure your earbuds are connected to your Android phone.

What do you think of the latest firmware version of Google Pixel Buds? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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