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Fix Microsoft Teams Status Stuck on Offline or Out of Office



Microsoft Teams is one of the widely used video conferencing and collaboration apps online today. Many schools and organizations are using Microsoft Teams to work with their classmates or coworkers remotely. You can see who is available for work and who is currently offline.

Unfortunately, some users reported that their Microsoft Teams status is incorrect and cannot be changed. It is showing Out of Office or stuck to Offline even when online. Even when they are Available, their status says otherwise and confuses other Teams members.

Fix Unable to Change Incorrect Microsoft Teams Status: Stuck on Offline or Out of Office


If you are currently facing the Microsoft Teams status issue, there are several methods you can do to fix the status bug. Try following each solution below one at a time to shut off the “Out Of Office” or “Offline” status. Check after each method if you can change your Microsoft Teams status or not.

Method #1 – Check Your Outlook Calendar Events

You may have calendar entries on your Outlook that indicate offline or out of office. If you have an out-of-office meeting, Teams may apply it as your status on the app. In some cases, you may want to check your Outlook invites if there are Out Of Office entries. Try deleting these invitations and entries and see if you can change your current status to Available.

Method #2 – Change your Status Using Microsoft Teams Web Version


If you are using the Microsoft Teams app (download here), try accessing the web version to change your status.

Method #3 – Restart the Microsoft Teams App

Try rebooting the Microsoft Teams app or your Windows 10 PC or Mac computer and check if you can change your status successfully. Some users said that they can go back to being Available after restarting the app three times or more.

Method #4 – Sign Out of Your Account


You may want to sign out of your account on Microsoft Teams app. Wait for a few seconds and try signing back in. This has done wonders to some users as well.

Method #5 – Log Out Microsoft Teams on All Devices

If you are logged in on Microsoft Teams using more than one device, try logging out on all devices first. Now, log back in using the web version only. Check if you can change your status.

Are there other solutions you have tried that works for you? This surely is an annoying bug on Microsoft Teams, hopefully, Microsoft will be able to find a permanent fix for this soon. What are your thoughts about this? We would love to know, please do share them below.


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