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How to Cast Videos to Xbox One from Android Phone or iPhone



One of the best things that you can do with your mobile phones these days is to cast videos on your smart TV. You can enjoy watching on a bigger screen and it helps you make out the details better. It also upgrades your video streaming experience.

However, you need to have a casting gizmo when you want to cast video from your Android phone or Apple iPhone device to your smart TVs. Now, you can use your Xbox One gaming consoles to do just that.

Xbox allows you to screen mirror videos from your mobile devices to your smart TV or computers using one of the two software: AirServer and AirReceiver. AirServer allows you to stream and cast from your phones to Windows 10, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, and Android. However, it costs $19.99 but with a free trial. AirReceiver only costs $3.99 also with free trial offer but can only use AirPlay and Google Cast. AirServer supports Apple AirPlay, Google Cast, and Miracast.

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How to Connect and Cast Video Content from Android Phone to Xbox One Game Console

Once you have set up your Microsoft game console for screencasting with either of the recommended apps above, you are good to go. When mirroring videos from your Android phone to Xbox One console, you can use Miracast. It may appear differently from different streaming devices. For Samsung, it is called Smart View, while LG calls it Wireless Display. It appears as Mirroring for Sony, and HTC uses HTC Connect.

Now the process to cast video content to your Xbox One varies depending on the brand of Android device you use. For instance, you need to swipe your three fingers to access HTC Connect. To launch Mirroring in Sony, go to Settings, then Device connection. Select Screen mirroring.

If you have a Samsung device, open Quick Launch and select Smart View. For LG users, navigate to the Settings menu. Go to Connected Devices and select Screen Sharing.

Android users can cast YouTube videos directly from the app. Just play the video on the YouTube app, then tap the Cast button. Select XboxOne.

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Casting Videos from iPhone & Watching them on your Smart TV using Xbox One

To mirror videos from your iPhone, all you need to do is open the Control Center on your iOS mobile device. Select Screen Mirroring. Choose Xbox One. It will begin to cast your videos using Apple AirPlay.

Similar to Android devices, you can also watch and cast YouTube videos directly from the mobile app. Make sure to use the same account logged in both on your Xbox One and YouTube app. Connect to the same network.

How is your experience when casting your videos and movies from your mobile phone to your Xbox One game console? We would love to hear more from you! You can write us your story in the comment section below.

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