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How to Fix Microsoft Teams Autocorrect Text Suggestions Not Replacing Words Issue



Microsoft Teams is a well-liked tool for communication and collaboration that businesses utilize all over the world. It has an autocorrect feature built in that fixes frequent spelling mistakes as you type.

However, some users have complained that the Teams autocorrect feature occasionally fails to correctly replace words. In this blog post, we’ll explore potential remedies for this Microsoft Teams issue.

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Check for Corrupted Spellcheck Dictionary Files to Fix Autocorrect Issue on Microsoft Teams

A damaged spellcheck dictionary file is one suspected root cause of the autocorrect issue on Microsoft Teams. Follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Open the dictionary folder at C:UsersUSERPROFILE>AppDataRoamingMicrosoftTeams.
  2. Remove the folder’s.bdic file from there.
  3. Exit Teams and reopen it.

On Microsoft’s Tech Community, this solution has received numerous suggestions from users. Teams should function normally after Microsoft Teams is restarted and the corrupt dictionary file is deleted.

Use a Different Dictionary File

By using a different dictionary file, Teams autocorrect can be fixed still another way. Follow these steps:

  1. Copy the *.bdic file from C:UsersUSERPROFILE>appdataroamingchromedata to the Chrome dictionary folder.
  2. Copy the file.
  3. Paste it into the Teams folder.
  4. Give the file the Teams name as the new name.

This solution has reportedly helped a number of individuals fix their problems. If the Teams default dictionary is the root of the autocorrect issue, using a different dictionary file may be a workaround.

Turn off Autocorrect in Microsoft Teams

You can disable autocorrect in Teams if you’d prefer not to use it at all. This is how:

  1. Open the Word Preferences menu and select the AutoCorrect tab.
  2. Choose “Replace text as you type” or deselect it.

As an alternative, you can stop Windows from autocorrecting mistakes by doing the following:

  1. Select the Settings option.
  2. Pick Out Devices.
  3. Choose Typing.
  4. Turn off the spelling section’s two “Autocorrect” options..

It may not be the best option for everyone to completely disable autocorrect, but it is a possibility if the Teams autocorrect tool is creating too many issues.

Check for Known Issues and Report to Microsoft

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If none of the suggestions above work, it’s conceivable that Teams’ autocorrect function has a known flaw. Follow these steps to check for known issues and contact Microsoft with your issue:

  1. Search the Microsoft Tech Community or other online forums for any issues that have been reported.
  2. If necessary, contact Microsoft regarding your issue to check if they have a viable resolution.

The Microsoft Tech Community is a fantastic resource for resolving Teams-related problems. You may choose to post your query there to receive assistance from other users and Microsoft support personnel if you are unable to resolve the autocorrect issue on your own..

Many businesses use Microsoft Teams, a potent collaboration tool, as their primary means of daily communication. Teams’ autocorrect option can be useful, but if it’s malfunctioning, it can also be problematic.

You can fix issues with Teams’ autocorrect feature and keep using the platform effectively by following the instructions provided in this blog article. Do not be afraid to contact Microsoft’s support staff for assistance if none of the suggestions work.



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