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How to Migrate, Move or Transfer Money Management Data from Mint to Monarch



The sands of time wait for no app, and they have finally caught up to Mint. With Mint scheduled to sunset in the coming months, users are facing an exodus. This migration will require some maneuvers on your part. You’ll need to harness the full power of CSV to extract your data from Mint’s grasp. But that’s not all!

How to Migrate, Import and Transfer your Personal Finance Management Data from Mint Budget Service to Monarch Money

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In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of exporting your personal finance management data from Mint and importing it into Monarch Money.

Export your Data from Mint

The first step is to export your transaction data from Mint. This will give you a CSV file containing all your transaction history that you can then import into Monarch.

Here’s how to export from Mint:

  • Login to your Mint account and go to the Transactions tab.
  • You’ll see your full transaction history here. If you only want to export certain transactions, you can use the filters to narrow it down.
  • Once you have the transactions you want to export, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Look for a link that says “Export all __ transactions” and click it. This will export your transaction data to a CSV file.

If you don’t filter the transactions, the CSV file will contain your full transaction history from Mint.

Prepare the Exported Data

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Before importing your Mint data into Monarch, it’s a good idea to prepare the CSV file. This will help ensure a smooth transfer.

If you exported your full transaction history, Monarch can map the fields from Mint’s CSV to the right places in Monarch. So you may not need to do any prep work on the file.

However, if you’re combining multiple exports or filtered data sets, make sure your CSV data is formatted correctly for Monarch.

The main thing to check is that multi-column data is in the right sequence – Date, Description, Amount. Having the correct field order will allow Monarch to merge and map the data cleanly.

So inspect your CSV file and organize the columns if needed before importing to Monarch.

Import your Data into Monarch

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Once your Mint CSV file is prepped and ready, it’s time to get it into your Monarch account. Importing transactions from a CSV is easy in Monarch.

Just follow these steps:

  • Login to your Monarch account and find the option to import transactions from a CSV file.
  • Select the CSV file you exported and prepared from Mint. Double check you have the right file before importing!
  • The transactions from the CSV will now be imported into your Monarch account.

One thing to note – Monarch does not allow undoing a CSV import. So triple check you are importing the correct file before confirming the upload.

If you need help with the specifics, there are some great video tutorials online that walk through the Monarch import step-by-step. I recommend checking out the video “Mint is Shutting Down – How to migrate from Mint to Monarch” on YouTube.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Transition

Here are some additional pointers to help make the switch from Mint to Monarch Money online budgeting service smooth:

  • Export data from Mint and import into Monarch in smaller batches. Doing the full transfer all at once can be overwhelming.
  • Make sure your Mint data exports include transaction categories/tags. This will make categorizing the imported transactions easier.
  • Review your Monarch budget setup after importing data. You may need to tweak categories or add missing ones.
  • Resync any connected accounts after importing transactions. This will ensure Monarch has the full picture.
  • If you used bill pay in Mint, export any outstanding bills and enter them manually in Monarch before closing your Mint account.
  • Give the Monarch mobile app a try – it offers an easy way to stay on top of your finances on the go.

Hope this helps!



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