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Opera 68 comes with in-built Instagram on the Sidebar



The new version of the Opera browser is out and it comes oozing with cool new features for the users to enjoy. Opera 68 introduces Instagram to grace the sidebar of the browser. This is on top of the current messenger apps available for sidebar access such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and VKontakte.

The built-in apps on the Opera sidebar make it easy to access them without having to launch a full desktop app or their corresponding websites.

The Instagram addition to Opera sidebar comes on the heels of the feature rollout of FACEBOOK to make key Instagram functionalities available on the web. It included web access to Instastories and direct messaging.

The new Opera update also comes packed with security features and various improvements in the overall functionality of the browser.

Here are the cool new features to watch out if you want to upgrade to the latest Opera browser.

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How to Enable and Use the Instagram Sidebar Feature in Opera

All functionalities that are available to the Instagram version for the web are included in the Opera sidebar access. Your Instagram feed, along with Instastories, the explore function, and DMs are all in one place.

To start using Instagram in Opera, just enable the feature in the settings and it will pick up whatever Instagram account you are currently signed in.

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Some other Feature Browser Improvements in Opera 68

Improved Workspaces

Also, if you like efficiency, you’ll really like the Workspaces feature, which lets you handle separate tab groups, whether they are work-related or personal, from the same browser window. Using the sidebar on the left, you can group tabs in up to five separate workspaces. The browser also lets you customize their icons and names.

Search in Tabs

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Opera 68 also sees an improved browsing experience, especially for those who like to have many tabs open. In the top-right corner, you’ll find a new icon – a magnifying glass – representing the Search in open tabs feature. Use the Ctrl+space keyboard shortcut to get a popup window listing all of your open tabs. There you can find a specific tab by typing keywords in the search field.

Duplicate Tabs Highlighter

Image / Opera

The tab highlighter released in Opera 67 is even more visible with the additional line under each tab. Using the context menu, you can also easily close duplicate tabs.

New Security Badges

Opera is also implementing the newly-introduced standards, and starting with Opera 68, pages in the browser will be marked with the following:

  • Secure pages: If the page is secure, a grey padlock will be displayed at the left end of the address bar. Company names will not be displayed.
  • Insecure pages: If an insecure page is open, a grey warning sign will be displayed.

How to Install Opera 68?



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