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Microsoft Spaces Offers New Outlook Experience Soon



A brand new Outlook experience is not far from your imagination as Microsoft plans to launch Spaces. Codenamed “Timestream”, the new platform is currently in development. It is a web-based tool that will help users organize their emails, documents, meeting schedules and more using an intuitive, simple and powerful work environment called Spaces.

Users can gather together in a single workspace all their emails and events from Outlook as well as documents and other relevant data. Outlook Spaces also allows them to add to-do lists and create notes with links and other information.

For future development, Spaces is envisioned to utilize the power of AI to bolster its features especially in allowing AI-assisted capabilities like adding items into a project in Spaces.

Introduction to Outlook Spaces

If you are curious like we do, check out the introduction video of Outlook Spaces below.

How to Get the New Outlook Spaces

As excited as we are, we can’t do anything for now as Outlook Spaces is not yet open for public access. However, you can be the first one to try it out. Just follow the simple steps below to get started.

  • Go to https://outlook.office.com/spaces
  • Open DevTools->Application->Storage->LocalStorage in your browser
  • Add item : key : “featureOverrides”, value: “outlookSpaces-enabled”
  • Refresh the web browser

Wrapping It Up

Outlook Spaces is simply a collaborative whiteboard tool for your projects that allows you to gather all your data from Microsoft services all in one place. You and your team members can collaborate in projects and accomplish tasks using Spaces.

I’m excited to see what Spaces really looks like when it launches. Are you excited too? Let us know in the comments below.


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