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What’s New in Firefox 73.0



Firefox 73.0, the latest major version release of the Firefox browser is being rolled out today, February 11, 2020. The newest release is packed with cool new features that will make the user-experience in browsing website content more secure and easy.

Firefox is a fast, feature-pack browser that offers security and privacy protection to the next level. It sports a sleek design with browsing speed and security that is at par (if not better) with Chrome and other major browsers.

New Features in Firefox 73.0

  • Global setting of the default zoom level. This option is available in about:preferences under “Language and Appearance” and can be increased or decreased by 100% as required by setting the default zoom level for all sites. It is still possible to zoom in on each site to make adjustments to individual sites if necessary.
  • “Readability backplate” solution, which places a block of background colour between the text and the background image. Sites are now easier to read in high contrast mode without having to disable the background image.
  • Improved sound quality on audio playback at higher or lower speeds.
  • Firefox now offers to save logins only if the request form field has been modified.
  • WebRender is used on laptops equipped with Nvidia graphics cards with drivers higher than 432.00 and a screen size lower than 1920×1200.
  • Messages in WAMP WebSocket format (JSON, MsgPack and CBOR) are now beautifully decoded for viewing on a network panel.
  • Improved automatic detection of legacy text encodings on old web pages that do not explicitly declare the text encoding.
How to-Use-Firefox-Voice-to-Control-Your-Web-Browser-by-Talking-to-It

Unresolved Issue in Firefox 73.0

Users with 0patch security software may experience startup crashes after upgrading to Firefox 73. This will be fixed in a future version of Firefox. As a workaround for this, you can add an exception for firefox.exe in the 0patch settings.

How to Download Firefox 73.0

Firefox for Android 68.5.0

Firefox 68.5.0 for Android will also be released today. This version includes various stability and security fixes. Within the year, Firefox is rolling out Firefox Preview, an all-new Android browser that will replace the current Firefox for Android. As part of the preparation, Mozilla adds an improvement to messaging card on the homescreen to display a message that will inform users about upcoming releases.

To learn more visit these Firefox official pages on the Mozilla website:



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