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How to Prevent Unwanted Tracking with Tile’s Scan & Secure Feature



Finding lost items at home is easier thanks to the Tile tracker. With the help of Bluetooth technology, you can easily locate your phone, wallets, bags, keys, and any other items through the companion app. All you have to do is attach your Tile device to your things, and the Tile app will help you find them.

However, there are issues when users are concerned about unwanted tracking via the Tile app. Because it utilizes the Bluetooth tracker, it is possible someone else may be tracking you down. Some people use the Tile tracker to track the location of their spouse or another person. Now, you don’t have to worry about unwanted tracking with the new Scan and Secure feature in Tile tracking devices.

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How Does Tile’s Scan & Secure Feature Work

When you have a Tile app or device, you connect to the Tile network accessible by many users. Unfortunately, many stalkers penetrated the connection and used it to track and find other people without permission. With your Tile device turned on, they can use it to track your whereabouts.

However, the new Scan & Secure feature will give you a picture of what is going on around you. By using the Tile’s network, you will be able to know if there are Tile or Tile-enabled devices around you. That way, you have the leverage of identifying suspicious tracking and thwart any security concerns in using the product.

How to Enable & Use Tile Tracker’s Scan & Secure Feature to Prevent Unwanted Tracking

Tile tracker’s Scan & Secure anti-stalking tool is easy to use via the Tile app. You can use it on your Android or iOS devices to avoid and prevent location tracking without your permission. It does not require you to sign up for an account or have a Tile product. Using the Tile app, you can scan your surroundings and keep yourself secured.

  • Launch the Tile app.
  • At the upper right corner, tap the Scan button.
  • It will show you Tile and Tile-enabled devices around you.
  • Make sure to identify Tile devices that are unknown to you.

What are your thoughts about Tile’s Scan & Secure Feature? We value your opinion, and we love to hear it! You can write to us in the comment section below.

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