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How to Redeem your Free Sky Q Voice-Control Remote



Sky Q offers an all-in-one package to all its users. You can access Sky TV while also checking out other streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and more. Sky Q comes with a set-top-box that provides its viewers a compact and more enhanced device than the Sky+.

Now, if you are using the Sky Q TV box while connected to the broadband and you are a Sky VIP subscriber, you can have the chance to receive a free voice control remote from Sky. Viewers from the UK and the Republic of Ireland can get their free voice remote from Sky until March 31, 2021. However, Sky also noted that they give free remote only until stocks last.

With the Sky Q voice-control remote, you can do many things on your Sky Q box just by saying a command. Search for movies, shows, actors, or events. You can change channels or manage the playback on your video. It is easy to launch apps or change the accessibility settings of your TV. Sky also lets you enjoy the newly added feature, What Should I Watch.

How to Get & Claim the Free Sky Q Voice-Control Remote

Credit: Sky

With only a few steps, you can get a chance to redeem your free voice-control remote. First, you need to download the My Sky app on your mobile phone (available on Android and iOS) and then follow these steps to claim your freebie:

  • Open the My Sky App.
  • Go to the Sky VIP tab at the bottom.
  • Click Exclusive Free Voice Remote Card.
  • Tap Redeem Now.
  • Check the Terms and Conditions and tap Confirm order.
  • Open your email to check the message with the title, “Confirmation of the changes you’ve made to your Sky.” It will confirm if you will be receiving the free remote.

According to Sky, delivery of the remote will be from one to three months. If you failed to avail of the free remote, buy it for £24.99 each.

How to Use the Voice Control Remote of Sky Q

Credit: Sky

It is easy and fast to use the voice remote.

  • First, place the remote in front of you.
  • Look for the Voice button on your remote. Make sure you also see the Microphone found below the Sky button.
  • Now, press and hold the Voice button. Speak your command on the Microphone.
  • Once done, let go of the voice button for Sky Q to follow.

What will be your first voice command when you receive your Sky Q Voice Remote? We are curious so tell us in the comments section.


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