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How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7031 Video Unavailable



There are many cool movies and shows you can watch on Amazon Prime Video. However, many users have reported an error code 7031 when they stream some of their favorite shows on the streaming platform by Amazon. The error indicates that the video is unavailable.

If you have encountered the same error, check out the solutions below on how to fix it.

Fix the Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7031 or Video Unavailable

Credit: Amazon

Solution #1 – Power Cycle Your Devices

  • Turn off all your devices and unplug everything including your modem and router.
  • Wait for at least 1 minute and try to plug your modem in. Wait for it to fully connect.
  • Do the same with your router.
  • Now, turn on your computer and launch your Amazon Prime video.
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Solution #2 – Check Your Internet Connection

Your Internet connection impacts your streaming, so best to have a strong network connection. Do a speed test and see if your current speed is at par with the requirement of Amazon Prime Video.

If you are using cellular data, try to refresh your connection. Check if there are other devices using your Internet connection. Pause or stop them and relaunch your Amazon Prime Video app.

Solution #3 – Switch to A Different Browser, if You are Using Chrome

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In most cases, the error 7031 happens when you stream on Google Chrome browser. You may want to try it out with other browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Brave. For others, trying to stream with a VPN client works for them.

Solution #4 – Change Your Amazon Prime Domain

If using a browser, we always access the Amazon Prime Video using primevideo.com. If you continue to have problems, try loading the site using primevideo.ca.

Solution #5 – Update Your Amazon Prime Video App

Credit: Windows Dispatch

There may be existing updates that you have not installed. These updates include fixes on errors reported by users.

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