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List of Best Websites to Get & Download Legal Free eBooks Legitimately



It is a joy to carry around hundreds of books anywhere with you, thanks to the power of eBooks and e-Readers. You don’t have to carry a huge bag to bring the books you want when on the road or during waiting time. Sometimes, a book is not enough to bring with you, yet having more will already be an inconvenience.

eBooks are downloadable versions of physical books where you can save in your eReaders. You can download hundreds of books at any time. But, e-Books may also cost money, especially famous titles. There are instances when users resort to getting their eBooks on some websites which offer them for free, but oftentimes these are illegal and certainly not ideal to do.

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However, there are also websites where you can download eBooks for free and in a legal way. You don’t have to spend money to obtain these electronic books. Most of the classic titles are available in the public domain, which technically makes them free to download.

Best Legal Sites to Download Free eBooks

If you want to pack your Kindle, Kobo, Nook or other e-Readers, iPhone/iPad and Android mobile phone or tablet, with more titles and books to read, check out the places below on where you can get them free and without legal obligations.

Project Gutenberg

It is considered one of the most popular websites and online libraries to get a free eBook. Thousands of titles that are now in the public domain are available here. That means that most of the titles are classic ones. To check out Project Gutenberg, go to https://www.gutenberg.org/.

Internet Archive

Millions of free downloadable eBooks are ready for you at any time. Aside from free access to these contents, you can also contribute your materials. You can check out movies and music as well. Go to https://archive.org/.


Google Books

Users can search for books they are looking for and sometimes, get a free preview of the book. That way, you can read a few pages and decide if it is for you to download and read or not. Google Books also offer paid eBooks. There are also selected materials that you can borrow. Check out https://books.google.com/.

Baen Free Library

If you love Fantasy or Science Fiction, this is the place for you. The website has a free library where you can access content without paying anything. If you are looking for specific titles, you can also check their paid eBooks, which are reasonably priced. Go to https://www.baen.com/categories/free-library.html.


Students love to check out the website as it contains a wide selection of educational literature. There are books in engineering, business, and IT. Visit https://bookboon.com/.


Users enjoy the great bargains on eBooks available on site. You can make it more personalized by signing up to the website. It offers book recommendations as well as free eBooks based on your preferences.

Free eBooks

Thousands of eBooks in different genres are available for download at any time. There are books for self-help, business, sci-fi, fiction, non-fiction, romance, and much more. To check it out, go to https://www.free-ebooks.net/.


Professionals will find the site helpful with case studies, white papers, reports, and other materials in different career areas. Visit https://knowfree.tradepub.com/.


If you love to listen to books instead of reading them, this is the website for you. You can download hundreds of audiobooks for free. Check out https://librivox.org/.

Open Culture

For education material, you can visit the website. Check out audiobooks, language lessons, online courses, eBooks, and other materials. Go to https://www.openculture.com/.

Which website above have you visited and used to download free ebooks before? Did we miss a place to download great free books? Tell us in the comments below.



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