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How to Add Live Closed Captions to your Zoom Meetings



Video conferencing has bridged the gap between remote work and efficiency. Now, it is possible to host meetings online, even if you are miles apart. Zoom offers a flexible way for work and communication to continue almost similar to a physical work environment.

The drawback of video call meetings is miscommunications of details said by the participants. It is most likely that numbers or other information may not be heard accurately, therefore affecting also the progress of the work.


Now, Zoom is giving a solution to such an issue with its feature that offers an option for live closed captions or subtitles. Using the speech-to-text transcription technology by Otter.ai, Zoom video calls will include real-time closed captioning for easier communication.

Who can Benefit from Zoom’s Live Captions via Otter.ai?

Working globally creates an issue of language barriers. Not everyone can properly speak English but can understand the language when read. Also, some employees may have hearing disabilities. With the live captions on hand, employees have the option to listen or read the text while the meeting is ongoing.

Reports are more accurate if the details are written accurately on the screen. There will be minimal miscommunications since the captions will present what is said.

How Does Zoom’s Live Closed Captioning Work?


Live captions will appear as plain text on the screen during the meeting. There will be a few seconds lag on the transcription, but it will help create consistent details. While the transcription primarily supports the English language, Otter.ai said that it also understands other languages such as Indian, Chinese, European accents, British, Southern American, and Scottish.


Zoom’s live captions may provide an excellent solution to work meetings, but there are also limitations to the technology. Sometimes, words and sentences may not make sense. When there are loud noises in the background, it becomes a challenge for the technology to pick up the words.

The live captions are available for Zoom Pro clients. Users of Otter Business plan may also avail of the feature.

What do you think of Zoom’s live captions? Let us know in the comments below.


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