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How to Save or Print Google Doc Documents with Comments



When you want to collaborate on a project with other people, it helps to have efficient tools that will allow you to work together as a team. Google Docs enables users to create and share documents with others. By saving your documents on Google Docs through Google Drive cloud storage, you could easily share them with other users while giving them extended permission to comment, edit, or view the file.

Users with permission to comment can write down their suggestions on the sides and say what they think of the content. Editing permission will enable the recipient to create revisions, while viewing will allow others to see the file without making any changes.

For most users, it helps in the revision process to save and print a hard copy of their Google Doc files with the comments in them. You no longer need to go back to the online version to see the comments indicated on the document. Having them on your printed copy makes things easier.

How to Save and Print a Copy of Google Docs Files with Comments and Suggestions on Mac Computer or Windows PC

There are several ways for you to save and print your Google Doc documents along with the comments in the file. You can check the methods below and see which one is the easiest for you. These methods work on a Mac, Linux computer, or Windows 10 PC. Some workarounds work on whatever device you are using including a Chromebook or a tablet.

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Method #1 – Download the Google Doc Documents as Web Page

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch
  • On your Google Docs document, go to File.
  • Choose Download.
  • Click Web Page.
  • A zip file will be saved on your computer.
  • Go to the file location and unzip it.
  • Now, open the document on Google Chrome.
  • Click the three-dotted icon on the right side.
  • Select Print.
  • You can then print your Google Doc file.

Method #2 – Use Microsoft Word to Export and Save the Google Docs File

  • On your Google Docs, open the file that you want to print.
  • Click File.
  • Select Download.
  • Choose Microsoft Word.
  • Go to the file location and open the document in Microsoft Word.
  • After opening the file, navigate to Review on the Toolbar.
  • Look for the Show Comments option and check the box next to it.
  • Once the comments appear, you can print the document.
  • Go to File and select Print.

Method #3 – Take a Screenshot of your Google Docs Document

If you only have one page of the document, you can capture a screenshot of the file with comments and save it as an image. Then, you can print it.

Method #4 – Use OpenOffice to Export and Save the Google Doc File

  • Open the file that you want to print on Google Docs.
  • Go to File and select Download.
  • Choose OpenDocument Format.
  • Navigate to the file location of the document and open it in OpenOffice.
  • Go to the View tab.
  • Select Comments to show the comments on the document.
  • Click File.
  • Select Print.
  • Make sure to adjust the paper that will show the comments on the side.

Method #5 – Install a Google Chrome Extension

There are Google Chrome extensions that will enable you to print the Google Doc documents together with comments and suggestions. You can choose from these three options:

  • Print Google Doc with Comments
  • GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture
  • Google document with comments printer

Installing Google Chrome Extensions

Which of the five options above will you use to print your Google Doc documents with comments? We would love to know more, so please drop us a word or two in the section provided below.

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