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How to Record your Google Meet Video Meetings



Google Meet is an effective way to host team meetings and group video conferences, especially for work and school. When you are unable to go out of your house but work has to be done, you can start a group call with your team at any time.

Google Meet Video

You may need to record a meeting or presentation for documentation and screen sharing. After recording, you can share the video with your co-workers when they are unable to attend your meeting. This is a standard feature that comes with leading video conferencing tools like Zoom. With Google Meet, it is also possible to record and save your video calls.

Who Can Record Video Meetings in Google Meet

Prior to Google’s decision to make Google Meet free for everyone, recordings are only available to G Suite Enterprise subscribers. But with the recently announcement, Google is yet to clarify if the recording feature will also be available to free users.

Keep in mind though that the recordings of your Google Meet videos are only available with the desktop version of the app.

If you joined a video meeting to present, you cannot record the video conference. Mobile app users do not have any control over the recording tools as well. However, they are notified if their meeting is being recorded or not, which is an added privacy feature that we surely want in place.

When the record starts, the recorded video will include the active speaker and all that is presented. Live captions will not appear on the recording.

How to Record Google Meet Video Calls

Google Hangouts Meet Recording
  • Launch your Google Meet.
  • Start or join a Meeting.
  • Once the meeting starts, click the More button.
  • Select Record meeting.
  • It will then send a notification that the recording starts. You will also see the red “REC” sign at the top left corner of the screen.
  • To stop recording, click More.
  • Select Stop recording. A recording file will be generated. Take note that when everyone leaves the meeting, the recording will stop automatically.

Where are My Google Meet Recordings Saved?

Once you have stopped recording, a recorded video file will be generated and saved to My Drive. To access your recorded file, go to My Drive, select the Meet Recordings folder. An option to save your recorded Google Meet videos directly to Google Drive is also available.

You can check your email for the recording link if you are the meeting organizer or the one controlling the record. Your recording is also attached to your Calendar event. It can also be shared with all the invited guests.

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