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How to Save and Download Images from Google Docs



Google Docs allows users to create documents online. It is easy to save these files on the cloud storage while allowing you to share them with anyone on the Internet. When someone sends you a link to a Google Docs document, it may contain images that you want to save on your computer.

Saving an image online is a simple process. All you have to do is right-click on the photo and click the Save image option. It will download and save the image to your computer. Unfortunately, it does not work the same way with Google Docs documents. Check out the steps below on how to do it.

Easy Ways to Save and Download Images from Google Docs Documents

Method #1 – Take a Screenshot

If you simply want to save a copy of the photo, the easiest way is to take a screenshot.

  • On your Mac computer, press Shift, Command, and 4 keys together. Select the area that will cover your screenshot.
  • To take a screenshot on your Windows 10 computer, press Windows key, Shift, and S. Drag the cursor and select the area of your screenshot.

Method #2 – Download the File in DOCX Format

Credit: Windows Dispatch

Download your Google Docs file to a DOCX format so that you can open it on Microsoft Word. From there, you can save the image. Right-click on the image and select Save Image as.

  1. To download, click File at the upper-left corner.
  2. Select Download.
  3. Choose Microsoft Word.
  4. Wait for it to download and open it using MS Word.

Method #3 – Download the File as a Web Page

Credit: Windows Dispatch
  1. On your Google Docs, click File.
  2. Select Download.
  3. Click the Web page.
  4. A new window will open. Take note of the file location. Click Save.
  5. Now, navigate to the file location.
  6. Look for the zip folder of your Google Docs file.
  7. Unzip the folder.
  8. Click the Images folder and save the image that you want.

Method #4 – Use Google Keep

Credit: Windows Dispatch

If you have Google Keep on your device, you may use it to save the images.

  1. Go to your Google Docs file.
  2. Right-click on the image you want to save.
  3. Select Save to Keep.
  4. It will open a sidebar on the right. Right-click on the image.
  5. Select the Save image as.

Method #5 – Use Google Docs Publish to Web Feature

Credit: Windows Dispatch
  1. Go to File.
  2. Scroll down, and click Publish to the web.
  3. A new window will open. Under the Link tab, copy the URL and paste it into a new tab on your browser.
  4. Now, look for the image and right-click to save it.

Method #6 – Use Link Sharing On Google Docs for Mobile

Credit: Windows Dispatch

If you are using a mobile phone, you can also download images from Google Docs via the iOS or Android app.

  1. On your Google Docs app, tap the three-dotted icon on the top-right corner.
  2. Select Share & export.
  3. Look for Link Sharing.
  4. Toggle the button to Enable. A message will notify you that a link is copied.
  5. Open a browser and paste the URL.
  6. Download the image from your web browser.

Which of the methods above worked for you best? Tell us in the comments below.


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