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Set Google Photos Memories as Live Wallpaper on Android



Are you getting bored of the same wallpaper you see every day on your Android phone? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little surprise on what comes out on your wallpaper?

Google Photos adds a little dash of excitement to your smartphone experience. With a new app update, you can enjoy the Live Wallpaper feature, where a carousel of photos from your Memories will randomly pop up as your wallpaper.

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Instead of using any wallpaper on your phone, you can make it more personal and have any of your images saved on Google Photos as live wallpaper.

How to Use the Dynamically Changing Wallpaper from Google Photos on your Phone

Credit: Google

To get started, all you have to do is update your Google Photos app to its latest version, the 5.22.

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Search for Google Photos.
  • Tap install to update version 5.22.

Google Photos will pick photos from your Memories section and use these images as your Live Wallpaper. How the pictures appear will be auto-updated at regular intervals. It will be a rotating process, which means you do not know what picture will come out as your wallpaper.

Unfortunately, you cannot customize the images that you can add to your Live Wallpaper. That means that any photo in your Google Photos Memories section will be picked as wallpaper, including those that you have long forgotten or the embarrassing ones.

Set Images from Google Photos Memories as Live Wallpaper on Android

Credit: XDA

After you have updated your Google Photos app, you can start setting the live wallpaper.

  • Launch the Google Photos app.
  • On the Home Screen of your phone, look for an empty space, and long-press on it. A menu will appear.
  • Select Styles & Wallpapers.
  • Look for the Live Wallpapers and tap to open.
  • Select Memories.
  • Now, enjoy your Live Wallpaper.

You don’t have to worry about the same wallpaper you use every day. With the Live Wallpaper feature, it will be interesting to know what photo will come out next.

What do you think of the new Google Photos update? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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