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Find Tracks by Searching Using Actual Song Lyrics on Spotify



You are walking in the mall and suddenly, you hear a new song. It suits your taste in music. The lyrics and tune are just perfect. But then, how will you know the title of the song?

Many people are stuck with a good song in their heads without knowing the title. It makes it difficult for them to search for the song and listen to it entirely. They may catch a few lines but who knows what the title is.

Now, Spotify is making it easier for you. If you have a new song you want to download and listen to but you only have a fragment of the lyrics, you can use those words to search for the song on Spotify. Introducing the new Spotify Lyrics Match feature now available on Spotify app for Android and iOS devices.

How to Use Spotify’s Lyrics Match Feature to Find Songs

You don’t have to search anywhere to know the title or figure out who the artist is. With just a part of the lyrics, you will know the song title and artist in a few clicks. Using the new feature is easy.

  1. On your Spotify app, go to the search bar.
  2. Type the few words in the lyrics that you remembered.
  3. Spotify will show a list of songs relevant to it.
  4. If a song matches the information you typed, it will have Lyrics match written beneath it.
  5. Tap on the song to confirm if it is the one you are looking for.

With this added feature, you can search for any new song with only a bit of information. It is available to Android and iOS users. It is also available on the free ad-supported version, which makes Spotify more advantageous compared to other music streaming app with the same feature.

What do you think of Spotify’s Lyrics match? Are you excited to use it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



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