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How to Enable, Disable & Use Dark Mode Theme Settings on Windows 11 PC



There is a lot to discover with the new Windows 11 operating system. As Microsoft readies its official release date, Windows 11 OS will be bringing brand new features that will elevate your PC experience. You will see new designs, layouts, app, and tools, as well as better security and privacy support and intuitive UI experience.

Users will see a different look with their Start button and menu. There will be Snap Layouts and Snap Groups with better integration of Android apps and Microsoft Teams. Windows 11 also allows you to change the theme mode settings of your desktop or laptop PC computer from light to dark mode seamlessly.

Why Use a Dark Mode on Windows 11?

Many people are asking about the benefits of using a dark mode on your PC. Aside from offering a more elegant look, the dark mode has its set of advantages when used in your Windows 11 computer. It will help save and improve your battery life.

You can comfortably use your new Windows 11 PC when in a low-light area or during the night. Even when you have to use your computer before bedtime, it will not create a distraction to anyone with its reduced lighting. It also helps in reducing eye strain when you are in a low-light area.

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode Theme Settings on Windows 11 Computer

Credit: Microsoft

If you want to use dark mode theme on your Windows 11 PC, you can set it up in your system settings in just a few simple steps.

  • Launch the Start menu.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Personalization.
  • Click Colors.
  • Scroll down and look for Choose your mode option.
  • Click the menu and select Dark.

If you want to disable or turn off the Dark Mode on Windows 11, you can choose Light or Custom. What is a Custom mode you may ask? It is a mix of features from the Light and Dark modes with your app icons, tabs, bars, and others. A full dark mode will give a more subdued interface, while the light mode will make everything bright. If you want a mixture of everything, try Custom mode.

Windows 11 makes it easier for you to experiment and try out different things. It will be fun to change your mode settings once in a while, depending on your current mood of working.

What is your favorite theme color mode when using your new Windows 11 PC? Please drop us a comment or two below.


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