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Use Google Assistant Workday Routine to Help you Work from Home Better



Staying productive can help us accomplish all our goals. Whether it is for work, for the family, or even for ourselves. When we continue to become productive in our chosen endeavor, we can reach anything we set our minds into.

Working at home gives us the time freedom to stay on top of the different responsibilities we have. By working from home, we can convert our commuter time to more productive tasks. But, with so many things we have to handle, it is understandable that we may miss something along the way.

In comes Google Assistant! With the new Google Assistant Workday Routine feature, you can stay on top of all your tasks both at home and at work.

How to Set up and Use Google Assistant Workday Routine at Home

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The Google Assistant Workday Routine will help you set a working day schedule at home, so you will be reminded by Google Assistant of all the things you have to do within that day. That means that you don’t have to manually check your calendar and see if you have accomplished your task for that hour. Google Assistant will help remind you.

For instance, when you have set a workday routine, Google Assistant will send a message through your smart speaker that it is time to exercise, have a coffee break, or work. Even when you are caught up with your work and forget to eat your lunch, Google Assistant will remind you that it is time for lunch.

You can set the time when the Google Assistant will send reminders. You can also customize your schedule. If you want your Google Assistant to remind you of important events, you can say a command to remember those information for you.

Credit: Google

Setting Your Meetings

The Google Assistant Routines can also set your meetings for you. If your hands are full, you can ask Google to create an event for you. Your Google Assistant can also automatically join your scheduled meeting or start a meeting for you. If you are unable to remember your future meetings, ask your Google Assistant for an answer.

Now, it is easier to connect with your co-workers even when there is a lot on your plate by asking your Google Assistant to set it up for you.

Use It For House Tasks

Your Google Assistant can also help you manage your time at home. If you need reminding of certain house responsibilities like doing groceries, watering the plants, or taking the trash out, you can ask Google to remind you by saying, “Hey Google, remind me to water the plants every Tuesday and Friday.

Wrapping It Up!

For many of us who are too busy to rest and sleep, Google will help you achieve these goals. You can ask Google to turn on the Do Not Disturb function. Your Google Assistant will also create smart lighting to remind you that it is time to sleep. Google has a complete guide on how you can effectively use this new feature to your advantage.

Will you also use the Google Assistant Routines to help manage your work-at-home schedule? Tell us in the comments below.



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