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How to Use and Install Grammarly Add-in for Google Docs



Perfectly written articles are hard to come by without the aid of writing assistant tools. Even when we remember our grammar lessons well, we can overlook a few mistakes once in a while. Using Grammarly is one way to help us polish our writing and make sure that errors are corrected. The good news is that we can now use Grammarly as Add-in on Google Docs.

What is Grammarly and Why Use It?

Grammarly is an online writing assistant that scans and checks your write-ups for grammar errors. The language processing software will see if you have words that are misspelled or incorrect use of words. It also checks for weak adjectives and comma splices.

Users love to run their articles through Grammarly to save time in proofreading their work. In a few seconds, Grammarly will show the errors you have made and the suggested corrections. It also allows you to maximize your time in writing, instead of spending more time editing your work.

Grammarly also integrates criteria for a writing style that will improve the outcome of your articles. You can then apply these suggestions to your writeup.

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How to Install and Use Grammarly Add-in on Google Docs

Grammarly has introduced its extension in Google Chrome browser way back in 2018. With the latest version of the extension, they are bringing more of advanced writing feedback on clarity, engagement, and delivery, that Grammarly is known for, to Google Docs.

  • To install, go to the Google Chrome web store.
  • Navigate to extensions and search for Grammarly for Chrome.
  • Click the Add button to install.

The new Grammarly add-in for Google Docs through the Chrome extension includes enhanced features. The sidebar notification will enable you to see the corrections on the right side of the document. This is helpful if you have a long document, which needs editing. The suggestions are in one place.


Users can also enjoy using premium writing suggestions. These will include suggestions on how to improve the writing style of the article and make it more engaging. Grammarly also has set goals, which you can alter depending on your audience and writing formality.

What do you think of the new and improved Grammarly for Google Docs? Is it helpful and easy to use? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



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