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How to Add Watermarks in your Google Docs Documents



Adding a watermark in your Google Docs is one way of personalizing it. Watermarks also give the document a label that it belongs to you thereby protecting your copyrights to the document. However, Google Docs does not have a feature that will enable you to create a watermark on your documents.

If you want to add a watermark, here are some ways on how to do it.

Edit your Watermarks with Google Drawings

If you want to make your image appear like a watermark, you will need to edit its transparency.

Use Google Drawings to Edit your Watermark
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  • Open Google Drawings.
  • On the blank canvas, click Insert.
  • Then, select Image.
  • Upload the image that you want to use as a watermark.
  • Adjust the image to its position and its size.
  • A watermark must appear transparent. Click Format.
  • Select Format options.
  • From there, look for Adjustments.
  • Adjust the Transparency level of your image. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast.
  • Under Format Options, you can edit other features of your image.
  • Now, it is time to add your text. Go to Insert and click the Text box.
  • Type in your text and adjust its location and size to your watermark image.

Use Drawings Directly in Google Docs to Edit your Watermarks

Alternatively, Google Docs now has a Drawing feature that enables you to edit your images and text.

Create and Add Watermark in Google Docs
  • Go to Google Docs.
  • At the menu bar, select Insert.
  • Then, select Drawing. A blank canvas will open.
  • Next, select the Image icon at the menu bar and upload your image.
  • Now, you can start editing your image.
  • Next, you can overlay a text on your image to appear as a watermark.
  • Go to the menu bar. Select the Text Box icon.
  • Type your text and adjust the font style and size. To create a transparent text just like in any watermark, you can adjust the color of your text by selecting a lighter color tone.
  • Once you are done, click Save and Close for your image to appear on Google Docs.

Inserting your Watermark Image to Google Docs

  • Go to Google Docs.
  • Select the Blank to start a new document.
  • At the menu bar, click Insert.
  • Choose Drawing from Drive and select the edited image.

Adding a watermark to your documents can make it appear more professional and personalized. Have you been adding watermarks to your Google Docs? Let us know in the comments below.


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