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How to Use the Watch Together Feature on Movies Anywhere



Are you looking for fun ways to bond with your friends or loved ones who are far from you? Video calling is an excellent way to connect and see each other. But, if you want to have more fun, you can watch a movie together.

It is possible to watch the same show at the same time as your friends even if you are in different locations. Thanks to the Watch Together feature by Movies Anywhere, you can enjoy viewing your movies all at the same time.

What is Watch Together Co-Viewing Feature on Movies Anywhere?


Watch Together is a new feature by the streaming platform, Movies Anywhere. The watch party feature enables users to create a room where they can invite their family and friends to watch the same movie at the same time. It offers a synced viewing experience, so users can feel that they are in the same room together.

Who Can Host a Watch Together Party

Before you can use the “Watch Together” feature, you need to sign up for an account at Movies Anywhere. You can then pick a movie from the collection. But, you also have to have a Screen Pass to use the feature.

A Screen Pass is a free access you can give to someone, so they can watch your favorite movies. You can give it someone who does not have the movie in their collection. To be eligible for the Screen Pass, you will have to purchase any eligible movie from the platform. You can also redeem a code every 6 months to earn Screen Passes.


Every first day of the month, you will earn 3 Screen Passes, as long as you remain eligible. But, keep in mind that the Screen Passes for the month are not rolled over to the next month. They become expired.

How Does Movies Anywhere’s Watch Together Works

  1. Launch your Movies Anywhere streaming app.
  2. Go to My Movies.
  3. Look for a movie in your collection that you want to Watch Together. Eligible movies for the feature have a Watch Together button.
  4. Click the Watch Together button.
  5. Select the I Want to Host button.
  6. A 6-digit room code will appear. Share the code with your invited friends.

You can invite up to 9 other guests in your Watch Together party. Take note that your guests must have the same movie in their collection or has accepted a Screen Pass. Otherwise, they are not allowed to join the co-viewing party.

As the host, you have the control of the playback. Your guests can react using emojis or can send a chat message. Remember, to wait for all the guests to join you before you start the movie. Once the movie starts to play, no one is allowed to join. Anyone who leaves in the middle of the show cannot come back in.

Watch Together offers a fun way to connect with your friends and family even when you are miles away from each other. What do you think of hosting a binge-watch party using Watch Together by Movies Anywhere? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



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