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How to Fix Kindle Not Showing Up or Doesn’t Show Up on Windows PC Error



Anyone struggling with the Kindle not showing up on PC error knows how difficult it can be. The most likely cause can be that you’re using an older version of Windows. But something else is at fault if you’re using the latest OS.

Don’t get too bent out of shape. After all, like most issues with electronics, the solution is far simpler than you may imagine.

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Let’s take a look at how you can fix this Kindle error if you’re using the latest version of Windows.

Here’s a quick overview for those of you who are in a hurry:

  • Install or upgrade the Kindle Driver
  • Connect the Kindle to another computer
  • Execute a hard reset on your Kindle
  • Change your USB cable or port.
  • Keep your Kindle on charge for an extended period

Fixes for Kindle Not Showing Up or Doesn’t Show Up on Windows PC Error

Now let’s dive deeper into the solutions so you can troubleshoot this Kindle error once and for all.

Install or Upgrade the Amazon Kindle Driver

Drivers are buggy things. Sometimes they go haywire at the worst time possible. You’ll probably need to install a new driver if you just bought your Kindle.

If you’ve had your Kindle for a while, you may need to upgrade the driver. Drivers are software that enables your computer to properly talk to the device and ensure that everything works properly.

Upgrading your driver will ensure that you’re system is up to date with the latest and greatest software that Amazon has released for their Kindle.

Connect the Kindle to Another Computer

Could the problem be isolated to your computer? Well, it could be.

If you have another computer or laptop, plug in your Kindle and see how it performs. Does it work as it should? If not, you know it’s a problem with your Kindle, not your computer.

Execute a Hard Reset on your Kindle

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You need to know upfront that a hard reset will cause you to lose everything on your Kindle. Everything means everything, so be careful when you’re doing this. You’ll have to put everything back on your Kindle that was there.

Why does doing a hard reset work? The answer is quite complex, but think of a hard reset as you start fresh with a new Kindle.

The operating system and everything else are fresh, like when you first took it home. All of your system files are new and up to date, and anything that was corrupted is now gone.

Change your USB Cable or Port

USB cables don’t last forever. So if you have another USB cable lying around, try it and see if that solves the problem.

If not, go out and buy one. You should always have multiple USB cables because they’re invaluable when you use electronics regularly.

Some of you might be surprised to learn that ports on your computer can go bad. It happens more than you think it would, so you should try another one.

If you’re connecting using a port in the front of your computer, try one in the back. Sometimes ports go bad, and when they do, you’re never given a warning.

Usually, people think the device they’re trying to connect to has gone bad when in reality, it’s just a port that has decided to quit working.

Keep your Amazon Kindle on Charge for an Extended Period

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Your Kindle may not be charging properly. Keep your Kindle plugged in even after it’s reached full charge.

How long should you keep it plugged in? Well, try thirty minutes to an hour. Why would you want to do this? Sometimes devices have difficulty charging and may show that they’re fully charged even if they aren’t.

Your Kindle might be acting strangely because it doesn’t have enough juice, and keeping it on the charger for an extended period will solve that issue.

Did that do the trick? Hopefully, now you’re nose-deep in a good book and haven’t had to read this far.

But, unfortunately, problems are constantly arising regarding electronics, and your Kindle is no different. So keep calm, and remember that the solution is probably right under your nose when something like this happens.



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