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Difference Between Disney Plus vs Disney Plus Premier Access



Disney fans are ecstatic when the trailer of Mulan came out. The warrior princess whom a lot of people loved in the animation became real in the up and coming movie. But, many are anticipating when the movie will premiere in the theaters amidst the global pandemic.

Disney announced recently that it will not be showing Mulan in theaters in the U.S. Instead, the movie will be featured in Disney Plus streaming service. But, there is more to the film than just its appearance in Disney+. Mulan will be appearing first on Disney+ Premier Access.

What is Disney Plus Premier Access?

The Disney Plus streaming platform was launched in November 2019. Since the launch, millions of users have subscribed to it. But, what is different with the new Disney+ Premier Access subscription?

If you love to be the first in almost everything, you will love Disney+ Premier Access. It gives you the chance to be the first to watch Mulan before it is shown on Disney Plus. If you have been a VIP and skipped many lines, this works the same. You skip the days of waiting and see the movie ahead.

But, it takes an additional cost. Nothing is free exactly, and it applies here as well. For an additional of $29.99, you can watch Mulan, and other movies in the future, when it is released.

Do I Have to Upgrade My Subscription?

No, Disney Plus Premier Access is not a higher subscription that you have to pay. You only pay the additional $29.99 if you want to watch a movie under Disney+ Premier Access.

How to Watch in Disney+ Premier Access?

You will need to be an active Disney Plus subscriber. When Disney launches a new movie, for instance the movie Mulan, you can go to its page in Disney.com and buy the film for $29.99.

After buying, you can watch Mulan as long as you want.

Credit: Disney

So, How is Disney+ Premier Access Different From Disney Plus?

Early access to movies is a primary function of Disney Plus Premier Access. Users can watch the movies ahead before other Disney+ subscribers.

Disney’s live-action Mulan will be released on September 4, 2020. Are you willing to get the Disney+ Premier Access, or will you wait for it on Disney+? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. I can wait…but VERY DISAPPOINTED that it will not be showing in theaters – I have been waiting. I want to see this movie in the BIG screen – not at home. Again so disappointed!!!

  2. Unbelievable! Already paying you for access to Disney Plus, now you want more money for movies being released as a “premiere!” Really? What’s next? Disney Silver, Disney Gold, Disney Platinum??? Where does it end?

  3. Unless you catch a matinee tickets are not $7. And for a family of 4 or more $29.99 is fair. I have a 100” projector and screen at home w full surround sound so I will take this oppty to enjoy the movie w my kids. Popcorn is on the house :).

  4. Are they kidding? I’m ready watch just about everything on Disney+. Now something new comes along and they want an additional $29.99 to watch one movie or does it give you access to all new movies in the future as well? They can’t except possibly expect anybody to pay $30 to watch one movie, can I? You could buy that Streaming movie for less.

  5. We haven’t had any movies in theaters in months, and they think they can pull a “squeeze play” on us and charge more for a new release movie, that ISN’T EVEN GOING TO BE IN THE THEATERS!??! – The only reason to pay more, is to watch it on a super large screen, maybe even IMAX and get popcorn, soaked in butter, with super comfy reclining seats, and rockin digital surround sound. But to pay $30 to watch it on my own tv??? That’s crazy. I can wait. It’s no different than when I wait because a movie isn’t worth it to see in the theater, until it comes out streaming. We all wait. We’ll wait again.

  6. Yes you would pay more in theater, but with theater you are getting a whole experience, I watch everything on my phone as I travel and live in my van. This makes 30 bucks to watch a movie on a 6 inch screen ridiculous, I will wait, and hey disney how about you explain what premier is, I’m still confused, is it 30 every new movie? And do you own it regardless of continued subscription because amazon you may pay for some movies, but you own them even if you stop paying amazon. Also I don’t see a release date for Mulan on Disney plUs, so for all we know we would pay 30 for it to be “released” next week. Seems like a sleazy way to get our money, and finally, the money spent at a theater, goes…to the theater, so basically disney wants us to just give them the money for one service that isn’t really even that, instead of what normally would be your local movie theater/local workers.

  7. Yes it is not the full experience that you get at a movie theater, however, its a one time fee for the $29.99 and you will have access to all movies that come out before they are on the regular Disney Plus, not to mention you pretty much “own” it (as you have access to it) and can watch it and any others they put on premier, an unlimited amount of times. For $30 its totally worth it to have early access to all the movies that come out! If you bought the bluray or digital copy of 1 movie it would cost $30. This will give you access to all the new ones before the general population or just the Disney Plus subscribers! Just remember we are in a pandemic, and you can wear your Pj’s and have an array of movie snacks and make it fun for you and your family!

  8. I guess Disney needs more money. First we pay for streaming and now they want 30 for a money. And here all these people are out of work but good old Disney wants more money from us. I will wait. We will see when they finally release it to Disney plus. Keep this up Disney and people will stop your streaming you all together

  9. What a rip off – I thought Disney + gave you full access, now there trying to sucker you in to greater fees. When my subscription runs out i won’t renew. i hate doing business with companies that bait and switch or only gave you part of the details. Disney+ … where is the plus?

  10. I seldom make decisions when I’m irritated. But this irritates the fire out of me. But, on a positive note, much like the rest of the world, we’re counting pennies and cutting back on unnecessary expenditures. Disney, thank you for helping me come to the decision of cancelling my subscription to Disney Plus. Of course, my one little cancellation will not break your company, so I’m sure you are having a good laugh over this post. Congratulations.

  11. Yes we payed $30 to see this movie and it was wonderful and cheaper than a night out for a family of four. I absolutely think it was worth it. I don’t understand some of these comments at all. We are living in unprecedented times and disney releases movies for streaming while taking a huge hit. Don’t you think they would have made far more money in the box office?!?!?! It was a treat to watch this. You don’t want to pay to see it first? That’s ok because it will be released on Disney Plus later. Come on people.

  12. I wish I knew where you could get movie tickets for $7.00 they are $10 plus here and everywhere else I know about. I also always end up buying the kids rip off priced popcorn and drinks so it is easily over $100 to go to the movies. Disney and all of us are frustrated with the Pandemic and we don’t see the theaters opening any time soon. Disney has hundreds of millions of costs already tied up in the movie. Disney is innovating and will likely not even get their costs back. I do wish they explained it more in that I don’t fully understand if I pay $30 for the next one that comes out like this or not but I guess you can always decide to wait right. I think Disney is being fair and adapting to our new reality.

  13. I get it, because the theaters are closed during the pandemic, they’ve gotta make their revenue back on the investment. But calling it a PREMIER SUBSCRIPTION makes everyone feel like they’re getting ‘ripped off again’ as anyone can see from a majority of the comments posted here.

    Disney might’ve had better luck just charging Disney + subscribers $10 to watch/own an ‘In-Home Sneak Peak Preview’ of Mulan and say “The theaters may be closed but we brought the Preview straight to Disney+ for you!”

    Sure, $10 is less than the $30 “PREMIER ACCESS”, and there will be subscribers who bitch, but instead of us waiting for the December 4th release to save $30, Disney might’ve had a higher volume of consumers willing to pay $10 over $30; less boycotting and even more new subscriptions for Mulan alone!

    Ah… I see what Disney did. The ads they ran all last week were targeting new subscribers straight to PREMIUM ACCESS MEMBERSHIPS for Mulan.

    Still I’m sure Disney ran their projections and I hope they get their return on the Mulan investment, but there might’ve been a better marketing strategy than offering the seemingly rapacious PREMIUM ACCESS strategy, thus angering many consumers.

  14. 29.99 is a little steep. It’s cheaper to watch it at a movie theater. I would pay 10 or 15. I will just wait for disney plus release in December.


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