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How to Set up Collaborative Meeting Notes & Co-Edit During Microsoft Teams Meetings



Work magic with Microsoft Teams! In the rush of your busy workaday world, team collaboration is everything

Did you know Microsoft Teams lets you co-edit meeting notes in real-time? Now everyone’s on the same page. Join the team effort at any point during the meeting. Ready to learn how to use this neat collaborative tool?

How to Setup Collaborative Meeting Notes Feature to Start Co-Editing During Microsoft Teams Meetings

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Step 1: Schedule a Meeting in Teams Calendar

So, where to start? First, you need to pencil in a meeting. Just look for “+ New meeting” on the Teams Calendar. Easy, right? A click of a button takes you to the bits and bobs you need for plotting your next team rendezvous.

Step 2: Enable Collaborative Meeting Notes

Now, onto the nitty-gritty. In the meeting info, there’s a tiny detail you can’t miss: “Add an agenda others can edit”. That’s right, you’re giving the power to your team to tweak, change, add, shape, frame the meeting notes as they see fit. 

Got an idea? You’re in charge. Thought of something else? It’s in real time. Make your meetings work for you, not the other way around.

Step 3: Add Agenda, Notes, or Tasks to the Meeting Notes

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Armed with your editable meeting notes, it’s go time! Haven’t filled in the agenda, notes, or task lists yet? Do it now! 

You’re helping to build a roadmap for your meeting. By writing in the collaborative meeting notes, you’re giving your team a sneak peek at what’s on the docket.

Step 4: Start the Meeting and Access Meeting Notes

One word: “Notes”. That’s all you need to remember when your meeting kicks off. Click on it in the toolbar, and voila! There lies your meeting’s playground. Your colleagues can now see and act on the agenda you’ve laid out. 

Talk about teamwork! Bring in real-time collaboration right at your fingertips!

Step 5: Co-Edit the Meeting Notes

Here comes the best part – the secret sauce of meeting notes: co-editing. You’re not alone in this. Your team is with you. They’ve got ideas too! They’re also adding their nuggets of wisdom, their to-dos, and their unique takes right into the notes! Everyone has a say. Everyone’s ideas get recorded. 

This keeps everyone sharp, focused and on target. Make your meetings work. Don’t just be productive, be super productive – and, don’t forget to have fun on the journey too!

Step 6: Don’t Forget About Last-Minute Add-Ons

Remember your team can add thoughts to the meeting notes on the fly. This is great for those “light bulb” moments that just can’t be held back. Everything counts, even the unplanned bits. Isn’t that super cool? 

Let’s be clear though, you’ve got to turn on the meeting notes feature either before or while the meeting is happening. If it slipped your mind while setting things up, no worries! It’s not too late. 

You can flip the switch even when your meeting has already kicked off. But, it’s always smoother sailing if you remember to do it upfront. 

There’s more! Did we mention that some folks might get a “view only” ticket to your meeting notes? Especially those who weren’t explicitly included in the meeting invite. Hey, it’s only fair, right? We all need a little privacy. 

Always aim for the best experience when taking notes. Try and carve out time before or after the get-together to edit your notes from your Teams Calendar or in your web browser. Say goodbye to interruptions and say hello to super focused, effective note-taking!



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