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How to Add & Use Snapchat Lenses on your Microsoft Teams Meetings



Finding methods to improve these connections is crucial given the development of remote work and virtual meetings. Snapchat Lenses and Microsoft Teams have recently revealed their integration, giving users a great way to add some humor and break the ice during team video conference meetings. 

We’ll show you how to setup and use Snapchat Lenses camera filters in your next Microsoft Teams video meetings in this blog!

Getting Started with Snapchat Lenses Video Filters on Microsoft Teams

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You must have the Snap Camera app loaded on your computer before you can begin utilizing Snapchat Lenses in your Microsoft Teams videoconferencing sessions. How to begin going is as follows:

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams app, then register.
  2. Access “Manage Accounts” by tapping the profile emblem in the top right section of the application, and subsequently pick “Devices.” 
  3. In the Camera section, briefly scroll down and choose “Snap Camera.” Your face will be superimposed by the chosen lens in a preview pane.

Adding Snapchat Lenses to Your Microsoft Video Teams Meetings

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You may start adding Snapchat Lenses camera filters to your Microsoft Teams video calls and meetings once Snap Camera is installed and configured on your computer. The steps are as follows:

  1. Click “Video Effects” and choose “More Video Effects” before entering the meeting.
  2. Select “Snapchat” under the “Filters” category in the right pane by scrolling down , then scroll down to view all and pick your preferred Lens.
  3. To begin the meeting with the chosen Lens, click “Join now”.

How to Add & Use Snapchat Lenses Camera Filters During a Teams Video Meeting

Don’t worry if you entered the meeting but neglected to choose a Snapchat Lens in advance. During the meeting, a filter can still be added. The steps are as follows:

  1. On your screen, select “More” then “Video Effects”.
  2. Then, scroll down and pick the Snapchat Lens you want.

Benefits of Using Snapchat Lenses on Microsoft Teams Video Calls & Meetings

Snapchat Lenses are a great way to add some humor to any scenario and improve the experience of virtual meetings. You can spice up meetings and add some fun to your daily routine with the more than 20 Snapchat Lenses that are available on Microsoft Teams, including those that will put a cat on your head or transform your colleague into a stallion.

The following are some advantages of incorporating Snapchat Lenses into Microsoft Teams video call meetings:

  • Snapchat Lenses can help you break the ice and inject some humor into your Microsoft Teams meetings, which will make them more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Boosts interaction: Using Snapchat Lenses can make virtual meetings more dynamic and engaging, especially when talking about a topic that can be boring or challenging.
  • Increases team spirit: If you operate remotely, virtual meetings can be alienating and demotivating. You can encourage team spirit and foster a more favorable work atmosphere by using Snapchat Lenses.

Microsoft Teams meetings may be made more entertaining, dynamic, and engaging by using Snapchat Lenses. You can quickly and easily add Snapchat Lenses to your meetings and take use of their advantages by following the instructions provided in this blog post.

Have fun and don’t be scared to experiment with various lenses. After all, having a little fun make working remotely more enjoyable.




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