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How to Be More Productive on your Computer?



Productivity is a key priority when it comes to computer usage. But, what is the main factor that helps determine how productive you are when browsing on your computer?

Your first answer may be the overall performance of your computer. Computer performance indeed affects your productivity level. A slow PC will only impede your progress and cause you to lessen productivity.

While computer performance is a determining factor for your productivity level, your browser is also a significant element that can affect your overall progress. One of the new and innovative browsers that you can find in the market these days is the Stack Browser. It comes with new, effective, and innovative features that will help you greatly improve your productivity.

Let’s find out how you can utilize this novel browser tool to make your work efficient and more rewarding.

Open Many Stacks at the Same Time

In most browsers, users can open as many tabs as they want. However, doing so will only slow down your browser. You cannot even control and open each tab at the same time. Fortunately, these things will change with the new Stack Browser.

The tabs are called stacks, and you can open as many stacks as you want. Stack Browser also allows you to arrange or order these stacks in any way you want. You have full control of all the stacks at the same time.

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Classify Each Stack Into Categories

Do you have a lot of stacks on your browser? Now, you can arrange it properly using categories. Stack Browser offers you a crucial feature that will help you become more productive.

You can now classify your opened stacks into different categories. Not only will it look good, but it will also reduce the time you need to navigate through each stack, especially if you need something urgent. 

Login to Different Social Media Websites at the Same Time

There are times when you need to open and use different social media websites in one browser. Stack Browser can make it happen.

You can log in to all your social media accounts at the same time. It will help increase your productivity since you can use and interact with different chat groups from your social media accounts. 

Open Stacks or Tabs in the Same Window

If you need to open several stacks or tabs in one window, the Stack browser allows you to do so. You can arrange them in various orders or positions inside your window, depending on your comfort. The Stack browser enables you to put each stack side by side or above each other so you can see them at the same time. 

From our point of view, the Stack browser is a breakthrough in the world of browsers. It has so many revolutionary features that will help make your computer more productive than before.

With its ability to open as many tabs as you want, arrange them in various orders in one window, and logging in to different social media websites at the same time, it will enhance your productivity level.


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