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List of Amazon Sidewalk Supported & Compatible Bridges & Enabled Devices



Amazon Sidewalk, the technology that brings together devices such as Amazon Echo, Tile Bluetooth trackers, Security Cams, Ring home security as well as connected motion sensors and outdoor lights to work seamlessly. It gives better functionalities to your devices in low-bandwidth and extends features to include finding lost items through the Tile trackers. It can work even on devices outside the range of your home WiFi network. The network protocol uses the already existing free over-the-air 900 megahertz spectrum to communicate.

The technology relies on shared-network devices to work even on distances outside your home Internet network or Bluetooth connection. When your neighbors join Amazon Sidewalk, the shared network becomes even stronger and more effective to use. It is automatically enabled on supported devices but you have the option to opt-out, disable or turn it off.

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Today we will be talking about the devices that are compatible with the Amazon Sidewalk technology. Two types of devices need to be specified, Sidewalk Bridges and Sidewalk-enabled devices. Basically, the devices that fall under the Sidewalk Bridges category are the ones that provide connections to Sidewalk-enabled devices.

Sidewalk Bridges mainly are Amazon devices while Sidewalk-enabled devices are open to 3rd party manufacturers to integrate the Sidewalk protocol. Sidewalk Bridges are also considered Sidewalk-enabled devices as they can also benefit from connecting to other Sidewalk Bridges. This host of connected gadgets allows you to find things, manage smart security and lighting, as well as provide diagnostics for appliances and tools.

Here is a list of complete devices that are compatible with Amazon Sidewalk. This list is not exhaustive, and only accurate during the time of publication.

Compatible Sidewalk Bridges Devices

Credit: Anete Lusina/Pexels

Supported Sidewalk-enabled Devices

Credit: Ring

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We will try to keep this list updated whenever new ones are being added as Sidewalk Bridges or Sidewalk-enabled devices.



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