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Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio and How it Improves Sound Quality



Bluetooth marked this year with a new generation wireless audio. The Bluetooth LE Audio will soon make its way to mobile devices, giving users multiple audio streaming options and power efficiency.

The Bluetooth LE will be built on LC3, or the Low Complexity Communication Codec, which improves quality of your audio at a lower bandwidth. This will increase your device’s battery life, allowing more applications to your devices.


Features of the Bluetooth LE Audio

Multiple Device Streaming

Bluetooth LE Audio allows you to stream the same audio to different devices privately. You can broadcast your audio to any devices sinked and at the same time.

Allows Listening from Multiple Sources

Always blocked from your notifications? Bluetooth LE Audio lets you receive reminders while listening to music. You can listen from various sources so you won’t miss anything important.

Public Audio-Sharing


Bluetooth LE Audio features location-based audio-sharing that integrates audio from public locations into your headphones. You can listen to public audio broadcast directly to your Bluetooth device. You can use it in theaters, museums, and at the gym.

Hearing Aid Integration

Now, people with hearing aids can easily hear music and public information directly through their Bluetooth hearing aid. Bluetooth LE Audio will support Bluetooth-based hearing aids.

Is Bluetooth Classic Audio Phasing Out?

Fortunately for Bluetooth Classic Audio users, you can still use your Bluetooth as both modes will coexist and will be supported even after the Bluetooth LE Audio arrives.

Which Devices Support Bluetooth LE Audio?

As of now, there is no device yet that supports the Bluetooth LE Audio. Still, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group will release the specifications early this year – something for us to watch out for.


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