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How to Get the Spotify Kids App: Everything You Need To Know



They always say, music should not be boxed – and neither does its listener. Introducing Spotify Kids, a new app launched to cater more than its regular listeners. Now, children can listen to music, enjoy the new songs, and have their own playlist, without their parents getting worried!

A Dedicated Kids App with Curated Playlists and Playful Art

Spotify Kids
Image / Spotify

Spotify aims to expand their listener base by designing a fun standalone kids’ app. Spotify Kids includes playlists that kids will hear from their favorite movies or TV shows.

The contents of the app are hand-picked by editors with experience in curating family-friendly and kid-oriented contents. These contents will include songs, stories, and audio from well-known brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, Universal Pictures, and Discovery Kids. There are guidelines set in curating so contents are appropriate for kids.

The app features various categories such as Movies & TV, Activities, Stories, Genres, Seasonal, Spotify Originals, Top Hits, and Artist/Groups. Soon, it aims to expand to more contents like audiobooks and podcasts.

It is Different from Your Regular Spotify

While it works similarly with the main app, Spotify Kids offers a more kid-friendly experience. The overall look of the app will be bright and colorful with varying characters and themes as the kids grow older. The design will be more intentional to the children especially geared for their cognitive skills. It will more playful and fun.

What You Need to Know About the Child-Friendly Music App

Get Started on Spotify Kids

Whether you are at home, in the car, or at school, music can bring the family together. Spotify Kids will create a fun music atmosphere for the children to enjoy as they go along. The contents are ad-free and it is easier to navigate through the playlist.

While the app is free, users will need to sign up. Parents must first give their consent during sign-up and details of the kids will be fully encrypted. Kids will only enter their first name or nickname and birthday, if they want to. After signing up, the kids can choose their customized avatars or characters.

Kids can customize playlist and access their favorite playlist offline. They can search for the tunes or type in the name of the artists they want.

There are parental controls which allows parents to determine the time the kids can listen to the app. However, parents cannot choose yet the artists that their kids should and should not listen to. There is no remote access of the app yet from the parents. Still, parents can add any songs to their kid’s app from the main Spotify app.

Spotify Kids is Coming to All Premium Family Subscribers


Signing up to Spotify Kids is available to users who are under the Premium Family Subscription. Once you have the Premium Family account, you can download and sign up to the kid’s app with the main Spotify account.

The Spotify Kids is designed for kids ages 3 years old and above. Currently, it has no extra cost to subscribers of the Premium Family plan. But, the plan itself costs $14.99 in the U.S. and Ireland.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of Spotify Kids? Will you want your kids to sign up for the app? We would love to know your thoughts so leave us a comment below.




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