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Use Dolby On App on Android for Better Audio Recordings



For musicians out there, now you can use and install Dolby On App on Android! The Dolby On App was launched for iOS users last September and Android users have been waiting long to have the same experience. Early this year, the Dolby On app arrived on Android.

Getting high-quality music or sound recordings on your Android phone is now possible thanks to the new Dolby On App. It takes care of the irritating noises that mix with your music recordings so you get the best results even if you are simply using your phone.

Dolby On App Promises to Improve Audio Recording on your Android Phone


Dolby On app offers a combination of a dedicated video and audio recorder. It works differently from other sound recorder or integrated recorders on your devices thus creating better sounds.

The app first reduces irritating noises in the background. Then, it optimizes the volume of your sound even. It widens the stereo effect and tweak the different aspects of your sound record including the adjustable EQ.

Users will have the option to customize their sounds using the six preset styles. You can also toggle the Dolby button on or off to listen to the different adjustments.

How to Install Dolby On App on Android to Make your Jam Sessions Sound Better

It is easy to use the Dolby on App on Android. Download and install the Dolby On app from Google Play Store using this link. Then, open the Dolby On App. Next, point your device to your subject and press record. The App will do the work for you.

You can choose from the two basic modes: audio or audio/video. You can also customize with the different audio styles after you have recorded the sound or video.

One done, your files can be shared through email, Facebook, Soundcloud, or Instagram. You can even do a live stream on Facebook.

Dolby On App Android make Jam Sessions Sound Better

Final Thoughts

The Dolby On App is free to download on Android and iOS devices. As Android users now enjoy the app, iOS users can also enjoy a new update on their Dolby On App. A new Twitch feature is available but only for all iOS devices.

What do you think of Dolby On App? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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