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How to Host Fundraisers for Nonprofits with Instagram Live



Many people are on live streams on Instagram, updating their followers and loved ones on what is going on with their lives now that they are always at home, self isolating. It is a fun diversion to the effects of COVID-19, home quarantine while observing social distancing, and a cool way to keep creativity running.

Instagram Donation Sticker

Now, you can do more than just live streaming on Instagram. If you love to post every day on social media while also wanting to do your part in helping other people in this pandemic, you can help non-profit organizations fundraise for money.

With the new Live Donations feature in Instagram, you can raise money for your favorite charity directly from your Instagram Live streams. Your viewers can donate money directly to the app while you are doing a live video. Funds will go directly to your chosen charity.

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How to Fundraise for Charities with Instagram Live Donations

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • On the top left, tap the camera. You can also access the camera by swiping to the right from your Feed.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Live.
  • Next, select the Fundraiser option.
  • Choose the nonprofit that you want to support from the list of charities.
  • Now, start your Live broadcast.

You can see the donors and their contributions in real-time during your live stream by tapping View. If you want to thank all your donors, tap the Wave icon and it will send a thank you to them.

I Donated Sticker

Those who donated will also receive the I Donated sticker from Instagram. They can use it to post on their stories but only for a limited period. The I Donated sticker was created by Leo Natsume, a Brazilian illustrator.

That’s how easy it is to do your fundraising on Instagram Live. Are you excited to try the Live Donations on your next live stream? What charity will you choose? Tell us in the comments below.


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