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How to Fix Air­Pods Con­nec­tion Failed Error when Pairing



Apple AirPods have offered both convenience and luxury to its users. All you have to do is connect your AirPods to your device, and you can use it at any time without the hassle of wires getting in the way. But, many users have encountered the “Connection Failed” error when pairing their AirPods or AirPods Pro earphones with either an iPhone, iPad, Mac or an iPod touch. Bluetooth pairing between your devices just won’t work. If you also experience the same situation, check out the solutions below on how you can fix it.

Fixing Apple Air­Pods Won’t Connect with Con­nec­tion Failed Error

Fix Apple Air­Pods Con­nec­tion Failed Error

Solution #1 – Move Your AirPods Closer

The Connection Failed error happens maybe because your iOS or Mac device is far from your AirPods. Even if it works wirelessly, there is also a maximum distance between your device and AirPods to pair them. Try to move your AirPods closer to your device and reconnect.

Solution #2 – Refresh Your Bluetooth Connection

Pairing your AirPods earbuds is possible through your Bluetooth connection. If you have problems pairing, reset your Bluetooth by turning it off and on again. Go to your phone settings. Access the Bluetooth option and toggle the button to Off. Toggle it back to On and try pairing again.

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Solution #3 – Restart Your Device

Restarting your device will refresh your connection and processes. Close all the running apps and shut down your mobile device. Turn it back on and try reconnecting your AirPods.

Solution #4 – Make Sure Your Charging Lid is Open

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An important note to remember when pairing your AirPods is to keep the charging case open. Closing it will result in the connection error. Open your charging lid and try pairing again.

Solution #5 – Reconnect Your AirPods

Another solution is to forget your AirPods from your Bluetooth connection and reconnect it. To do this, go to your phone settings. Access the Bluetooth option and look for your AirPods. Tap the small letter I icon and tap Forget This Device.

When reconnecting, put your AirPods inside the charging case and close it for 30 seconds. Open it again. At the back of the case, hold the setup button until you see the while light flashing. Move your AirPods closer to your device and follow the instructions on how to reconnect it.

Follow each solution one at a time to check which one can help you fix the connection failed error. Was the article helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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