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How to Check Chrome OS Version Running on your Chromebook Device



Seeing upcoming updates on our Chromebook laptop devices can get us exhilarated and hyped up. You cannot wait to install these new features on your computer. But, you noticed that you cannot download these new ChromeOS updates because your version is not compatible.

Software updates are not always available to all OS versions of your computer. It is a huge drawback for those using old laptop versions. They tend to get stuck with outdated features on their computers. When new improvements arrive, they cannot do anything but wish it is compatible with their OS version. You can update your OS by installing the latest version.

Steps to See Current Chrome OS Version Running on Chromebook
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To improve the performance of the Chrome OS, Google continually launches monthly regular new OS updates for their users. Sometimes, these updates contain minor fixes on issues and errors reported by the community. Other times, there are new features introduced to the laptop computer operating system. You can check and determine if your Chromebook is running on the latest Chrome OS version to maximize its performance.

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Steps to See Current Chrome OS Version Running on your Chromebook

If you set your Chromebook to install available updates automatically, there is a greater chance that you have the latest ChromeOS version. But, you also have the option to update the OS manually if you need it immediately.

  • On your Chromebook, click on the System Tray or the Notification section.
  • Click the Gear icon or the Settings menu in the upper right corner.
  • Click the three-lined icon on the upper left corner to launch the menu.
  • Select About Chrome OS.
  • Under Google Chrome OS, you will find the current version of your Chromebook.
  • To know more details, click the Detailed Build Information.

How to Update to the Latest Software Version of Chrome OS on your Laptop

How to Update to Latest Software Version of Chrome OS

When you set your Chromebook to download available updates, you will see a notification on your laptop. A Blue notification means that an update is recommended while an Orange notification means an update is required. Click Restart to Update.

  • To install the updates manually, navigate to the About Chrome OS section.
  • Go to the current version of your Chromebook.
  • Now click Check for updates.
  • It will download available updates automatically.

What is the current Chrome OS version running on your Chromebook? We are curious to know! You can share your answers with us below.

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