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How to Add & Set up Parental Controls with Google TV Kids Profile



Watching your favorite movies and TV shows in one place is possible thanks to Google TV streaming device. You can stream titles you have been watching from other streaming services like Disney+, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, YouTube TV, and a lot more.

Now, Google TV makes it even more practical for you with the addition of a new feature. Google will allow its users to set up and activate kids profile mode, so they can separate what are for their kids and what only belongs to them.

How Does Google TV Parental Controls with Kids Profile Work?

Credit: Google

Parental controls is an important feature on any streaming platform if you are a parent with small kids. If you worry about your child watching the shows that you stream, the Kids Profile can put a stop to it. It is a separate account ideal only for your children, so they don’t have to access the main profile and see the contents available there.

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The Kids Profile also comes with parental controls. That means you can set the time limit for your kids when they are streaming their shows. You can set daily watch limits. There will be a countdown warning signal for them to be alerted that it is time to turn off the TV.

Credit: Google

You can also set a profile lock that requires a PIN. That way, you can prevent your children to switch profiles. Google TV also allows users to use parental control through the Family Link app. You can set the control using your phone.

How to Activate & Use Kids Profile Feature on your Google TV Account

Credit: Google

To get started, you can add and enable an existing Google account for your kid. Another option is to create a new profile. Note that the Kids Profile will roll out next month on Chromecast with Google TV in the US. Other Google TV devices will be supported soon.

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  • To set up another account as Kids Profile on Google TV, go to the Home Screen.
  • Click the Profile Picture found at the top right corner.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Click Accounts & Sign In.
  • Select Add another account.
  • Sign in using another Google account that you want to use for your Kids profile.

With the Kids Profile on Google TV, your children will have a different world on their own. They will enjoy the kid-friendly apps, not to mention the cool customizable backdrop with themes like Dinosaur Jungle, Space Travel, and Under the Sea.

Are you setting up your parental controls settings through Kids Profile on Google TV? Which theme will your kid like best? We would love to know, so write to us below.



  1. Have the new profile, but it doesn’t seem fully baked. There’s no ability to access the family library of movies. You’re also not able to move or reposition the apps. I’d be interested to have youtube tv made as an option for kids with a custom channel list. It’s a nice update and I’m looking forward to the future as they fix some of the missing functionality.


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