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Check How Much Free Google Storage Space you Have Left



Saving your pictures, images and videos on Google Photos without limitations can be liberating. But, it will soon come to an end. Google announced in 2020 that it is limiting its storage to 15GB on Google Photos starting June 1, 2021. Google Drive and Gmail already have the 15GB storage limit.

While you still enjoy the unlimited space on Google Photos, it is better to know how much free Google Storage space you have left on your account. That way, you can prepare yourself on what to do before Google notifies you of getting Storage Full.

How to Check & See the Amount of Free Google Drive/Photos Storage Space

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One way to manage and check how much storage you have left on Google One is to visit https://one.google.com/storage. It will show how much you have left for free storage space and how much you have already used up. You will also see where you have used most of the storage allocation.

If you want to check your current Google Photos storage space quota status, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Google Photos app.
  • Tap your Google account image in the upper-right corner.
  • Select Account Storage.

Free Up & Increase Google Storage Space if you Run Out of Allocation

If you don’t have enough Google storage space left on your free account, there are a couple of solutions that you can do to work around it.

Solution #1 – Delete Some of Your Files

Revisit your Google Apps and check your files stored on Google Drive. You would be surprised to see that there are duplicate photos or documents and a large amount of email attachments that you don’t need anymore. Check your Google Photos, Google Drive, Gmail, and even your device backup. See if there are old files that you can send to your trash. You can also evaluate if you have unwanted photos or documents that are worth throwing out.

After removing some files, it will free up your storage space and increase the allocated space for the new files. So, despite Google’s storage limit, you still have enough space to use in the future.

Solution #2 – Upgrade to a Higher Google One Subscription Plan

Sign up for a Paid Google One Subscription Plan to Increase your Storage Space
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Google One has subscription plans that will give you the storage space you need. If you opt for the free plan, it will limit you to 15GB. But, if you need more than 15GB, check out the prices of the higher-tier subscriptions on Google One.

  • 100GB storage space – $2/month or $20/year
  • 200GB storage space – $3/month or $30/year
  • 2TB storage space – $10/month or $100/year
  • 10TB storage space – $100/month
  • 20TB storage space – $200/month
  • 30TB storage space – $300/month

Visit https://one.google.com/about to learn more about Google One storage service and sign up for an account.

How much storage space do you usually need for your files and photos? Did you find the need to sign up for a paid Google One subscription service? We are curious to know. Write your answers in the comments section below.



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