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How to Get Unbanned & Fix Zoom Account or IP Block Blacklisted



Zoom is a web and video conferencing platform that enables users to host and participate in online meetings, webinars, and other events. Zoom is a well-liked option for remote work, online learning, and socializing because it offers features like screen sharing, chat, virtual backdrops, and recording.

Web browsers, desktop, and mobile applications, as well as a variety of hardware devices, can all access the platform. But while enjoying this communication platform and making the best out of it, users complain that they face issues such as their Zoom account being blocked or their IP being blacklisted that prohibits using the application and access to your account.

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Why is your Zoom Account Being Blocked, Banned or your IP Address Blacklisted?

Suppose you are having problems with your Zoom account being disabled or your IP address being blacklisted. It is likely because Zoom’s terms of service or acceptable use policy has been notified as broken. This could include behaviors such as harassment, hate speech, or sharing inappropriate content during a Zoom meeting.

Also, Zoom’s security system may have detected suspicious activity originating from your IP address, such as multiple failed login attempts or spamming behavior. 

How to Get Unbanned & Fix Zoom Account Blocked or IP Address Blacklisted Issue

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You can try the following procedures to attempt to resolve the problem with your Zoom account being added to the blocked list or your IP address getting blacklisted.

Contact Zoom support

You can ask for Zoom support’s help if you think blocking your account or IP address was an error. You can call them or speak with them by using the support website to post a request.

You can try contacting Zoom’s customer support team to see if they can help you resolve the problem. They can provide more information about why your account or IP address was blocked and offer some solutions for getting it unblocked.

Check your account status

Please verify that your Zoom account is active and in good standing and that you haven’t broken any of the company’s rules about acceptable policy or terms of service. Review Zoom’s terms of service and fair usage policy to ensure you use the platform correctly.

Change your IP address

You should update your IP address if it has been banned in order to fix the problem. You can do this by contacting your internet service provider or connecting to Zoom using a virtual private network (VPN).

Update your Zoom app

Ensure that the Zoom app is installed in its most recent version. Look for any updates in the app store for your device.

Use an alternative communication platform

You might need to conduct your meetings or webinars using another communication platform temporarily if Zoom cannot fix the problem.

It’s crucial to understand that Zoom takes any violations of its terms of service and acceptable use policy, which can lead to account suspension or termination. If you don’t want your account or IP address blocked, ensure you use the platform correctly.

I hope one of the fixes above remedies your Zoom issues of being blocked or IP blacklisted, and you can enjoy Zoom again. Zoom is enjoyable and beneficial for several reasons, like being convenient and flexible and allowing people to connect, collaborate, and socialize in various settings.



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