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Run Windows Apps on Chromebooks using Parallels Desktop



If you are using a Chromebook, Google will now let you have access to your favorite Windows 10 apps right within the Chrome OS ecosystem. Google is partnering with Parallels to bring in the full-featured Windows experience into the Chrome OS. It will allow users to use Windows desktop apps using the Parallels Desktop.

Parallels have done it before using the Coherence mode. This feature enables users to access their full Windows desktop on the macOS dock. Now, Google will do the same with its Chrome OS. Currently, it is on its initial 1.0 release.

How Does Parallels Desktop Work on Chrome OS?

Credit: Parallels

Many businesses are using the Windows apps, such as Microsoft Office tools, for a long time. However, using Chromebooks will limit you to apps available only on Chrome OS. It is a challenge for businesses to integrate their business processes when employees are unable to access the apps.

Using Parallels Desktop, users can launch their full version of Windows while using their Chrome OS. They can access popular Windows apps alongside their Android apps. Even when you are offline, you can still run Windows apps in the Parallels Desktop.

Windows Applications You Can Use with Parallels Desktop

  • Utilize the full feature sets of Microsoft Office desktop applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.
  • Access Windows Desktop, Documents, Downloads and custom folders from Chrome OS Files
Credit: Parallels/Windows Dispatch

If you are using Windows files, you can launch these files directly on the desktop app they are designed for. You can share files between Windows and Chrome OS. It also allows you to open websites from Windows on Chrome browsers.

Parallels Desktop enables shared clipboards and shared users profiles. You can also have custom folders and printer support. As for USB and webcams, these features will be added in the future.

Who Can Use the Parallels Desktop on Chrome OS?

Credit: Google

The Parallels Desktop is available only for Chromebook Enterprise. Users will need to have a device with Intel’s Core i5 or Core i7 processors and 8GB of RAM. For dances models, you will need to have 16GB of RAM. The app is available for $69.99 per user.

What do you think of Parallels Desktop on Chromebooks? Are you willing to spend on the new feature? Let us know in the comments below.



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