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How to Clear App Cache and Cookies on Samsung Smart TV



Clearing your app cache and data regularly is always a good practice not just on your Samsung Smart TV but on every device you own. We are used to deleting cache and cookies in the computer’s browser or clearing them in our phones and tablets but oftentimes we forget to do the same on our smart TVs.

The benefits of regularly clearing up your device’s app cache and browsing data include increased speed and performance as well as protection from harmful malware that you might have come across while browsing.

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While doing this, it might be a good time to evaluate what apps are installed on your smart TV. You will be surprised at the number of apps that you are not actually using. It’s high time that you delete them to save up some precious storage space.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to delete your app data specifically on a Samsung smart TV.

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How to Delete App Cache Data on your Samsung Smart TV

Clearing app data on a smart TV device is similar to doing it in your mobile gadgets. You will need to repeat the process in every app installed in your device.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Tap the Home button on your Samsung smart TV’s remote control.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Go to the System apps.
  • Choose the app you want to clear the cache with.
  • Tap on “Clear cache”.
  • Tap OK to confirm.

The cache on that particular app will instantly be cleared. However if you haven’t done this in a while, it might take a little bit of time to be completed.

How to Clear Cookies and Browsing Data on Samsung Smart TV

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Browsing data on your Samsung TV can also accumulate over time. So, while you are clearing your app’s caches, you can also take the time to clear those cookies and delete them from your smart TV.

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Here’s how to clear your cookies on a Samsung TV:

  • Tap the Home button on your Samsung TV’s remote control.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Broadcasting.
  • On the Broadcasting menu, choose Expert Settings.
  • Select the HbbTV Settings.
  • Tap on Delete Browsing Data.
  • Confirm by tapping Yes.

That is all you have to do to rid your Samsung TV of those dreaded app caches and browsing data. It will not take much of your time and you certainly won’t regret doing it.



  1. Whoever wrote this has OBVIOUSLY never seen a Samsung smart tv. There is no option to clear the cache on a Samsung smart tv, at least not on the piece of shit I bought. The longer I own this, the more ways I discover how this is the worst designed tv in the history of television.

  2. I can agree. I have a Samsung Series 6 (55) and at some point it had a way to clear cache on each app but then it went away. Many of the menus under TV Settings are disabled as well. My available memory was maxed out from no way I can tell. If I delete an app the memory available is always 0. A newer version was out when I bought this TV, I should have gotten it..not sure it fixed the bugs in my version. But crazy

  3. All well and good dude but my remote for UN40JU7100F does not have a home button Nor does it have a settings in either “Menu123”.

  4. I have been going crazy trying to fix this hunk of junk. Memory apparently full and no way to clear it AND now i cant get any channels whatsoever. Samsung has lost this camper for sure.

  5. Hi everyone had issues with my Samsung smart TV found a post that said to clear cache press and hold the remote powerbutton for 20 secs then cache resets. Did it no more issues all apps worked again.??

    • Hi Jon!
      It worked for me! Thank you! Yes it restarts somewhere in holding down the power button but it tv restarts and then I heard the sound and UTube started working again!

  6. Sorry Jon. Holding the power button for anything more than a few secs just restarts the tv after about 3 secs… even if you hold it for 20 secs, it just ignores the extra time you’ve been holding the power button.

    Massive own goal on Samsungs part. Their greed in agreeing deals to put unremovable apps on tv’s from corporations like Amazon, Netflix and Apple, leaving practically nothing for other apps, has pissed me off to the point where the month old tv I have is going back to the retailer for a refund

  7. Has anyone figured out how to delete the data/cache yet ??
    This pisses me off ! After this my series 7(65) is capute I’m done with Samsung forever. Their phones suck almost as much as their TVs(I used to own a Galaxy S8, piece of garbage imo).

  8. I was having issues with my TV and loading Amazon Prime. Holding the power button until the TV shut down and restarted did work! I am now watching Amazon Prime again.

  9. Wow, can’t believe clearing the cache or data isn’t an option with this TV?? HUGE issue for troubleshooting. Luckily the suggestion to press and hold power does reset the TV and fix something (??) to solve my issue with Disney+ not working.

  10. Go to SETTINGS. Then SUPPORT. Then SELF DIAGNOSIS. Then TV DEVICE MANAGER. You should see a screen with MEMORY BOOST, CLEAN RUNNING APPS, MANAGE STORAGE. Hopefully this helps someone.
    TV – Series 7 2019 Model – UN55RU7200F

  11. Plug in a usb flash drive then go back to install app an it will prompt for storage of the usb. Also give a few minutes for usb to register

  12. I reset my Smart Hub. Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub and that’s the only thing that worked. I have 56 MB now after downloading Discovery+

  13. There is no Apps option in Settings and cannot delete any of the pre-installed apps (only one of which I actually use. Thanks, Samsung! Brilliant!) Model UE40J6275SU. Deleted the Disney Plus app to get rid of a glitch, tried to reinstall and it said there was insufficient space. Misreading amount of storage. Contacted Samsung and they lied about it, gave me some useless advice and wasted the whole afternoon. Then went online to forums and Samsung knows all about the glitch, they don’t care, never came out with the fixer (which they said they were doing), they just tell people to buy a newer model. Tv is only 2 years old. Liars, cheats and thieves, will never buy anything from them again.


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